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2001 Toyota Mark II JZX110: IR-V Fortuna Yamaha


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Hi all,

As im new on here with a new ride - I thought id start the thread and update it as I go.

After a long time trawling auctions and deciding on my car of choice, I started the import process back on the 30th March (2013). Was sussing out a few import places, but after a few emails with Ben from Jspec in Melbourne and after a thorough review on their website, I decided to import through these guys. Process was pretty good - and Ben was very helpful. He has owned a JZX110 himself I think, and was a keen searcher for the right vehicle for me. I gave him my checklist of items I need to tick in order to get what I want:

* IR-V Fortuna Model only

* Preferably YAMAHA powered model

* 5 spd Manual only

* Under 60,000 kms

* Grade 4.5 Only

* No Accident history

* Non Smokers car

* No rust (due to salt they put on the road in Japan for snow)

* Minimal Modifications (standard preferable)

* Trim colour - no preference

* Car colour - preferably Gunmetal grey, pearl white or silver

And the search began. In all honesty I was quite lucky... Had not heard anything for a couple of weeks. On the 11th April I sent an email to ben asking how the search was going. Meanwhile I was also checking the auctions daily as I had been for months. Ben said there was one of interest going for auction later that day that ticked ALL of my boxes but they were going to suss it out in person before calling me. They inspected and gave me a call and their words were 'we honestly cannot fault the car at all' - and that was music to my ears! We then discussed a budget and went into auction. Purchase the car well under budget so I was stoked! So after a couple of months trawling auctions, it really only took 2 weeks between signing up and purchasing. Got this list back and a few photos of it:

2001 Toyota Mark II iR-V Fortuna Yamaha

2,500cc turbo

5 speed manual



Grade 4.5 condition, very good

No accident history

ABS brakes

Dual airbags

Climate control

Power seats

CD player

Keyless entry

Factory display screen

Fortuna body kit

Fortuna grille

Fortuna silver trim interior

Fortuna interior fabric

Fortuna gauges

Fortuna optional turn signal mirrors

Yamaha Power Volk 18 inch wheels

TRD Strut tower brace

Overall very good condition car

Exterior is nice

Light scratches to clearcoat on wheel spokes, just need apolish

Interior nice, no smoker's smell

Underbody ok for rust

Engine and mechanicals appear to be fine

Just a good condition car as you'd expect from the mileageand 4.5 grade





Then it was time for the long drawn out (and often frustrating) process to begin. Took a week before I actually got the invoice. Paid for everything immediately to avoid any delays. Meanwhile - the shopping began, rims (as they would be a 3 month wait after ordering), locknuts and a few other bits and pieces. 20th april I got an email with post purchase photos. Usually they are much better quality but apparently Jspecs contact in japan was on holidays at this time. Here are just a couple from that day:










Once they received the funds in Japan - it would be ready to de-register and ship out. In the meantime, Jspec offered a couple of different import agencies. Decided to go with Import Factory in Melbourne who would look after the import application, compliance and approval. Import application started on 26th April - but wouldn't submit it till the new month as they had already exceed their amount of imports for april. So shipping was delayed until further notice. Shipping was scheduled for around the 14th may with expected arrival 22 days after depart. Meanwhile, more shopping - TRD shift knob, Cusco sway bars and adjustable front upper arms, apexi intake kit and Mines CF boot spoiler.

Import approval received on 16th May. Car was to go through quarantine and customs with Maltacourt Logistics and included freight to the compliance shop which Import Factory nominated as Top Secret Imports to do the physical compliance work. Car arrived into Australia on 6th June (Port Kembla). It sat in quarantine for 8 days and was finally released from customs/quarantine on Friday 14th and taken to top secret that afternoon where I got my first glance in person of the car. Took a couple of quick snaps there too:








I remember the relief and happiness I felt. The car was absolutely immaculate - inside and out. One very very minor scuff mark on the rear quarter above the guard that I think I should be able to buff out. Didn't really notice anything else out of the ordinary except for the fact the radio couldn't receive FM stations (as they must only go up to 90.0 in japan).

It sat at TSI from 14th June - 9th July (this was a dragged out process...). The physical work didn't taken very long but it seemed to me that the paperwork side of things from Import factory was slow. And therefore we didn't receive the compliance sticker until Tuesday 9th July - as soon as they got it, I got the blue slip done and took that to the RTA that day with the Greenslip and picked up the plates with the rego and took her home that night!

Some photos of her the next day:





And a couple of shots dummy fitting the CF lip to the boot: (will be fitted on Saturday 20th july)





So far since I have got it, the only things I have done is get the alarm fitted. Tints will be done in the next couple of days and the CF lip fitted. Ill be sure to take some photos when this is done. I picked up my rims last week - I wont be fitting them till I get some shoes for her but if anyone is wondering they are:

SSR Executor CV01's Matt Black finish with Chrome Lip - Regular concave (loved the super concave but was worried about brake clearance down the track if I upgrade brakes)

* 19 x 9.5 inch wide fronts + 18 Offset (getting 235/35 Kumho KU39's fitted)

* 19 x 9.5 inch wide rears + 38 Offset (getting 255/35 Kumho KU39's fitted)






That's all I really have to report on so far! In terms of plans - sure there are plenty. Some will definitely happen, and some I guess are wishful thinking (widebody guards). But so far I have the following parts ready to go into it:

5zigen Wheel Nuts

JZX110 VTR TV adapter

Beatsonic Dash Kit MVA 7002

Apexi Power Intake Kit

Mines Trunk Spoiler Carbon Fibre

Cusco 30mm Front Sway bar

Cusco 21mm Rear Sway bar

Cusco Adjustable Front Negative Upper Arms

Tomei Expreme JZX110 Turbine Outlet (Dumpipe)

Tomei Poncams 1JZ-GTE

Brian Crower BC 1JZ-GTE Valve Spring/Retainer Kit

Tomei ARMS M8280 Turbo

Tein MonoFlex Coilover Kit

TRD Shift Knob

TRD Oil Filler Cap

TRD Radiator Cap

TRD Oil Filter

GReddy Spec LS Intercooler Kit

HKS Adjustable Cam Gears

HKS Fine Tuning Timing Belt

I would also like to get a boost controller, bigger injectors, fuel rail and fuel pump and maybe an aftermarket ECU - all depends what I can crack/tune with the above setup. Ive done a fair chunk of research and im hoping for a reliable high power motor - and we all know the 1J and 2J will take a beating... Intended use is for leisure and also a bit of track stuff (club circuit or drift... Not sure yet)

It will be a slow process, as im just about f**king broke... But for now, she's locked away nice and safe ready for some treatment over the coming months. Ill be sure to update as I go.

Comments/opinions welcome! unless they are negative........ :huh:

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Looks immaculate :) looks like you've already got a good few months of fun atleast there with all the goodies to go on, just like Christmas :P

Interested to know how much it ended up costing you landed and complied as I've been looking at these too as an alternative to a JZX100, interiors are a world apart.

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Thanks mate - I was over the moon with this car. Even though we discussed a budget prior to auction, I wasn't going to let it slip. These are so rare (fortuna Yamaha 5spd) and in this condition - was too good to pass up.

It sure does feel a little bit like Christmas each time something has arrived lol. Just need to find the patience and time to get all the parts in bit by bit.

The great quality JZX110's will set you back about another $4-6K more than a great quality JZX100. And you are right, the interiors and options on the 110's far exceed the 100's. All depends what your into, I wanted a bit of luxury and power. I guess most chaser lovers go for the power and the drifting more so than luxury.

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Can't wait to see it @ a next meet how much all up so far?

Ill be coming to that cruise on sunday 28th. How much? Enough........ haha. But as I said, I got it well under budget, so I got lucky.

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How much? Enough


Interested to know how much it ended up costing you landed and complied as I've been looking at these too as an alternative to a JZX100, interiors are a world apart

Agreed Josh

looks like they have auto's up on their site for 15k+ :toast: i'd say close to 20k for a man......... :clap:

by the time you do mags suspension exhaust etc prolly 25k+ not too bad if they go as quick as you hear about.

There's a few in the country now you should start to see more as theyr getting well over the 10yr old mark.

I'll give Ben a call today let ya know how I go.

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Yep there is a few more coming into the country now. They have been eligble for compliance for about 18 months now... From what i know there are only a handful of IR-V Fortuna yamahas. And there would only be a few that are manual at this stage.

These cars were produced as a luxury car (with power) so naturally most were auto. Manuals rarely come up at auction - maybe 1 or 2 a week. General conditions range from 'accident - 3.5'. Pretty rare to see a grade 4 or 4.5 manual fortuna at auction.

I do know that a guy in victoria just got one in exactly the same colour, condition and manual like mine. His arrived in may. Drove it on the road for a week and then he had it impounded for drag racing lol. But im not sure of the k's on his.

Auto's are cheap. Manual IR-V's - in 3-4 condition will probably set you back around $19-22K complied. The rare models like fortunas and fortuna yamahas in top notch are a little pricer ofcourse - but i got lucky. There are a lot of lower range models like the IR-S, IR-V, IR-V Grande that come with woodgrain dash etc etc and can get these a little cheaper. Heaps of auto IR-V's available in grades 3-3.5.

The fortunas come with upgraded suspension, 18 inch volks from factory, different body styling and each car has options - EMV, rear windscreen wipers etc etc are all options. The fortuna yamaha option comes with a bunch of other upgrades including tuned head from yamaha - just a little more power.

Have a read up here:


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Very nice purchase :) congrats. I see a white one around but didn't know exactly what model it was, love the rear but not really feeling the carbon wing,the new wheels might change that though :D

and manual too, yeeha

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Very nice purchase :) congrats. I see a white one around but didn't know exactly what model it was, love the rear but not really feeling the carbon wing,the new wheels might change that though :D

and manual too, yeeha

Thanks mate! I hear what your saying about the CF lip - it doesnt really go too well with the silver if its a stocker looking car. But once the black rims are on, coilovers are in (sitting nice), black intercooler piping goes on and black tints - it should compliment the car really well. I wanted some sort of lip on that rear boot - and unfortuantely there aint many modified body parts around!

Nice 110 man, love the wheels

Cheers mate! The SSR's? Should sit pimp on it!

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So I got the rear CF lip fitted to the boot today - whilst it looks a little tame right now, I think it will look good once everything else is done.

Also got my window tints done today - Rob from Hunters Hill Window Tinting did an absolutely awesome job. His quality and workmanship shine through. If you need tints done, give him a call 0418 464 185.

Few shots of her sitting in the driveway today - quick snaps to get a photo for Rob to put on his facebook page.






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  • 4 weeks later...

Been a while since an update... well a good few weeks.

Since meeting some of you at the last monthly cruise - she will be looking different on the next cruise! This is what I have been up to... Enjoy the car part porn pictures. All the gear is going in right now - everything except exhaust booked late august. Also holding off on the fuel injectors and rail until I get the ecu installed first week of September. Tyres are now on the rims ready to roll. Had my intercooler pipes powdercoated black - didn't want to really drawn attention to the front of the car too much. I do have some orange silicone hoses on their way from the UK at the moment so the blue ones will have to do until they arrive. Also had my rocker covers powdercoated to match the colour themes - figured I would while I had them off. She's also just getting a major service and overhaul as well - so I wont have any dramas when it comes to the tune...

I guess you could say ive had a while to plan and think this out... The only thing im struggling on at the moment is brakes... Only Endless make a bolt on kit and unfortunately I don't have $9000 to spend on front and rear brakes for a car that's only going to the track a handful of times throughout the year. I can get Supra BBK kits custom fitted with brackets - works out to be a lot more financially viable and can upgrade all the rotors and pads as well. They will go on last - and calipers and rotor hats powdercoated in Wrinkle Orange to match the rocker covers.

Oh and I made sure I got a power run first before starting any mods... Wasn't too bad really. Rather impressed on low boost for a 2.5L. That was a couple of weeks ago.

Also the first time I got to see the underbody in full glory on the hoist last week - and I must say... other than some oils on the underbody plastics - the body looks immaculate. No rust, and the painted areas even look new.

Pictures! (didn't get photos of the sway bars or camber arms before installing - figured we all know what they look like)



















Should be back on the road on Thursday :-D. Then just getting the exhaust fitted before the next monthly meet!

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WOW Cam! what can I say mate, nice springs nice cams nice rocker cover nice rims nice turbo nice valve springs nice intercooler......

all ='s F'ing awesome mate can't wait to see this again in person!

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WOW Cam! what can I say mate, nice springs nice cams nice rocker cover nice rims nice turbo nice valve springs nice intercooler......

all ='s F'ing awesome mate can't wait to see this again in person!

damn photos still aren't working yet - im guessing you had a browse? haha cheers mate. I like to do things right and preferably do it once... Hence buying quality and installing quality.

looking forward to driving her again on Thursday - the power gains will certainly be noticeable!

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Pics working perfect now , Didn't notice the sexy new upper control arms before , very nice also mate.

Had another look @ those wheels they are extremely sexy! I really cant wait to see this again :D

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  • 1 month later...

Turbos on! Most of the gear all bolted back together... The front bar will need a slight bit taken from the bottom lip - photos below. The underbody is so clean - theres not a mark on it. Everything in general is just so clean and well looked after. Replaced the engine belt while we were at it - the old one was starting to get worn out. The one thing I have realized is the need to re-locate the oil filter lol. That will happen later on and theres also plenty of room to install an oil cooler where the old side mount intercooler was. Tell you what, its such an impressive looking turbo but its a sure shame that it's hidden. Theres also some shots of the underbody, sway bars and the cooler setup from below. Just a few clips and bits and pieces to clean up. Working on the Cams and valve springs tomorrow - and if theres time, chuck on the HKS timing belt. Spark plugs are all clean - radiator has been flushed, oil completely drained and ready for Nulon synthetic. Diff oil was brand spanking new so ill leave that. Noticed a very tiny leak in the steering rack - but it wont cause me any grief right now.


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Wasn't able to do the cams and valve springs as we were missing a special tool to get the old valve springs out... So we left that for another day. but when I first drove it again - something didn't feel right. Complete checks were done... and safely got her home but it still wasn't right.

Post to follow

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Its been too long since an update. And theres a good reason when you read on. Apologies for the essay coming up - but hopefully a good read.

As you can see from the post above - after changing turbos and oil+oil filter, something didn't feel right instantly when hopping in the car. I had my mechanic (family member) look over the car before driving home but he assured me that might take a couple of drives before the air fuel ratios adjust or something arather - not entirely confident in that answer. I drove it home with no real problems, it did stall a couple of times and as I mentioned boost didn't feel right. However got home all okay. I then took it out later that day for about a 60km drive no dramas. Later that night, I took it to the servo to fill up - and under no stress what so ever on the way back, 'The noise' began.

I was only 2 streets from home so I took it home and didn't drive it any further. Couldn't quite make out the noise... The noise was a tapping noise and it was only heard in about the 2000-4000rpm range. On idle everything sounded perfect. Tried several things to determine where the noise was coming from:

* Checked Tensioner pulley
* Checked water pump
* Removed drive belt all together - noise was still there
* Checked throttle body
* Checked under engine oil cap for residue - nothing present
* Used an inspection camera to checkout under the rocker covers - all looked okay.
* Completed another oil change even though the filter and oil was only 200kms old. Found nothing abnormal in the oil - it was crystal clear. Filter was also crystal clear.
* Installed new oil 10w40 fully synthetic nulon instead of 5w30 that was just put in it - noise still present
* Rang Top Secret imports and found out they installed 10w60 oil at compliance... Wasn't particularly happy when I heard that.
* Did some test requested by a mates mechanic who owns a soarer - cutting fuel supply and trying to kick over the engine for about 30 seconds. Then turn fuel supply back on and listen for any noise changes, but nothing changed.

It seemed evident that the noise was coming somewhere from the head, but closer inspection with a long screwdriver to the ear placed on the block showed the noise was bottom end. 4 licenced mechanics looked over it (all of whom I knew) and all said it sounded like a bottom end bearing problem. I couldn't really dispute it because nothing was changed other than the turbo, oil and filter. The cams weren't touched - the rocker covers were removed and painted and properly cleaned. Pretty safe to say I was ****** off and devastated.

I guess I wanted answers and couldn't possibly think how this could happen. The tomei turbo actuator is set to 14psi (from memory) - so there shouldn't have been any additional 'stress' on the motor. The car was baby driven all the way home knowing I needed a tune to go in later. Exhaust was all lined up the following day and the wheel alignment after that. Those plans were cancelled as I knew this was a problem that wasn't going to fix itself.

Spent a week or two pondering my options. Whether to sell, buy another 1jz motor, rebuild, buy a 2jz motor... At the end of the day, I got to a point where I had come to the realization I had to do something - regardless of what happened or how, I had to get over that and move on. I spoke with some people and researched around and calculated the funds to the option of a rebuild. And that's what ive chosen to do.

Im basically rebuilding everything. The new motor will have all new forged internals and just about everything else new in the engine bay apart from the alternator and radiator as ill just stick with the standard one (its not very brown yet). The parts list I came up with was:

* CP forged pistons
* Spool conrods 20 thou oversize
* ACL Race Series engine bearings standard size (crank would not have been critically damaged)
* ARP Head and main stud kit
* ARP Flywheel bolts
* Ross harmonic balancer
* Tomei Headgasket
* ORC 559CC Pro Carbon Twin Plate Clutch
* Gates Racing Engine Drive Belt
* HKS Timing Belt
* New Water Pump
* New Oil Pump
* Tomei Poncams (already purchased)
* Brian Crower Valve Springs and retainers (already purchased)
* Tomei Dumpipe (already purchased)
* Tomei ARMS M8280 (already fitted)
* Walbro 400L/h fuel pump (already purchased)
* 750cc Bosch Fuel Injectors (already purchased)
* Sard fuel rail and regulator (already purchased)
* TRD Oil Filter
* TRD Thermostat

The engine builder will be cleaning everything up as well (obviously) and including port and polished head... Why? Because im going to extreme lengths to make sure things are done correctly - so I wont stop there.

Many people will have their own opinions and you can fire away. I am rebuilding the 1J with all of these quality (and expensive) parts and I am aware of that. At the end of the day, the car itself is still an immaculate car. If I rebuild the motor - then I start off with a whole new mechanical history and ill be pretty content knowing that. The mark II is a car I planned on keeping forever more (at the current time), and that hasn't changed. My plans were to keep it on the road for 5 years or there abouts and if things were starting to wear and tear then I was going to overhaul it just for a track car anyway. I didn't expect to be going down this path so early - but im here now and theres no going back. The good thing is, the motor will be built to withstand high power - much higher than I can achieve with the tomei snail. But I am okay with that, ill cruise around on that power for a few years and if I ever want to chase more power, I can look into turbo/manifolds/dumpipes etc etc. The plenum will be staying stock for now as its good for about 600hp. Again if/when the time comes, that can be something I can look into.

It has to be said - im stoked with the car in terms of appearance as it is, the suspension is awesome and the rims will set it off. Once the engine goes back in and the exhaust and tune are done - ill only be itching to get brakes done before im a happy man. For now, a lot of hours at work, a lot of hard work and busy times ahead.

I pulled the motor out about a week and a half ago with 2 mates and dropped the motor into the rebuilder last week who has made a start today. The plan is to get the motor back by the end of the month and spend the first week of November re-installing. From that point its anyones guess, if it runs 'okay' then I might drive to get the exhaust fitted and intake kit installed. Then from there ill have to wait again for my tuner to slot me in and get the run in tune completed. Ill drive about 2000kms on it and go back for a high power tune. When that's complete, brake upgrade all round... Somehow I think this will all still be happening this time next year but ive made good progress for now. Some further pics below of parts and engine removal.

Thoughts/opinions welcome.

PS - I have a small 30 second video of the tapping noise if I can upload here???


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Wow Cam, what a read it's murphy's law that if you touch the top end of a motor...... and it's happened to me more than once as well........ but it's good to see you kept a cool mature head about it all (altho I bet there were times! :P ) and decided to rebuild the original donk.

The new stronger bottem end will be peace of mind and well worth it imo on such a nice car.

I found my self tailing white one of these the other day missed my turn off too but was worth it they are such a nice looking car on the road.

That new clutch looks sexy! god it's a shame you cant see em :D and the forgy's are a great idea too, remember theyr a different beast to casty's

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