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Thoughts ok eBay DVD/navi/dvbt head units


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So this week I have purchased this head unit:


Just wondering if anyone has one or one similar and how they work?

I might also do a write up on the when installing it and post up up pics and a review :)

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Personally I wouldn't touch one unless there was a physical bricks and mortar style store front, althought funnily enough I have looked at this one before and the idea of TV even though its gimmicky at best is still a pretty awesome idea.

Let me know how you go, would love to see some photo's too! I swapped out my deck about a year ago with a clarion unit but it's kind of annoying.

Specifically I would like to know if it's truly designed for a Rukus and if it's a plug n play.

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Looked at these, friend has similar in his SP23, run a windows base and selects modes for mapping and audio, his has been ok, occasionally resets into Chinese (he knows where to push on the characters to reset), the mapping has been the biggest issue as being an import unit as he cannot locate the software for the upgrade for the maps for his unit. Sound wise, it's ok.

I'd be making sure they can provide exact contact information for upgraded maps down the track.

Connection wise it looks pretty straightforward and the Rukus has got heaps of room under the dash for the antennas and such.

I ended up with a KWAV61BT for mine was hunting for the Alpine but got the JVC for a good deal.

I think the best thing about your unit, is that you shouldn't need the "ears" to fit the dash space! Lets know how it works out.

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to me it doesn't look much on the outside but inside is packed with many features i guess is why we shouldn't Judge a Book by it's Cover. with everybody it is different, we all have our own tastes & what we like other's may not. if you are happy with it then that's all that matter's. since you had posted this in July just wondering have you got it fitted, as i too Would dearly love to know if you are happy with it & love to see some pics. i just Love the Purple Screen Shot :D

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Okay well on a positive note guys i just brought and installed an Eonon head unit for my 2010 Aurion and i cannot be happier.

At first i was a little concerned after hearing all the horror stories but after research and finding a now trusted provider it was found that most issues were software related or operator error haha,

The ordering process was easy and all my questions were answered. Deivered in 2 days and installed in 2 hours for a not so audio equipment savvy person.

3 issues all fixed within minutes of letting him know first a GPS fault (settings error) faulty ipad cord.....sorted. and finally reverse camera was not plug and play but i worked it out...

sound quality is better than stock but not by much. all the options lights, backgrounds USB SD ipod radio DVD all work fine and dandy. If you still would like to look down this path i can provide my dealer details and have some advice.

1.Buy from an Australian vendor that WILL carry over warranty. important that your not waiting 3 months for the Chinese to tell you its ******!! Also will help with questions problems and can be held ACCOUNTABLE.

2. Read as many reviews and videos of your unit as you can find, you might find paterns in issues that can be fixed easy (sometimes its just easier to yell and scream instead of fixing it haha) Also i have a small review of my unit in the Aurion/TRD forum

3. And lastly make up your own mind. yes there are a lot of bad scenarios but a lot are good also.

any question dont hesitate to ask

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@Bangtown Sounds Complicated :wacko: but you made it sound Simple if that explains it :whistling: Yes Good advice you have there always buy from an Australian Vendor, as i found out the hard way was going to buy from the States but then was informed the Navigation in the Head unit was already Programmed with all The USA streets & Coffee Shops i not think that will help me get to Gloria Jeans :g: Yes You are right sometimes it is much easier to Yell & Scream & have a small tantrum if that works for you :spiteful: like you said the Warranty is very important but i will never underastand why we have to pay double the price for the best Head units but if is good Quality then i not mind paying a little extra here " Check out my upcoming plans on my Head unit for my Rukus Halo can't wait to have it all finished & the Sound is going to Blow you away if you have the Money then why not. remember this is my first Car that i have had to call my own & maybe sometimes i get a little Carried away but what ever makes you happy right :D check out my plans Below

Alpine INE-Z928EI

Alpine SPR-60C front component speakers

Alpine SPR-60 rear coaxial speakers

Alpine V70 digital 5 channel amplifier

Alpine SWR-843D subwoofer

Alpine steering wheel control integration

Customised and painted dash panel to fit 8”

Custom fibre glass sub enclosure in rear right side with
painted trim panel

Stinger Pro wiring kit and RCA leads

Including all fitting and tuning

Yes make up your own mind is your Car & you must be happy with it what i like the most about the New Alpine 8' is you can Customize the sound to your Type of Vehicle it has so many Features i was Just Blown away this is the Right Head unit for my Halo & will Look so amazing when finished Just remember you only live once Happy Driving :D

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Ordered a new headunit to run all the monitors, Pioneer - avh-x5550bt

will be selling my toyota headunit, top of the line / gps / sat / nav/ 24/7 live update traffic feeds, ipod control, etc etc

double din, let me know if anyone is interested, heres a link to it.,
its an awesome deck, the only reason i am changing it is because i cant
run the monitors with it, i needed an aftermarket deck, no scratches


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