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New 2013 After market head unit


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Hi folks,

I am looking for an after market head unit (GPS, DVD, bluetooth, USB, iphone, [DVB-T, reversing camera] etc.) and I am a bit confused. I have read this forum and elswhere and understand there are sone cheap Chinese units that fall short of the more expensive brand name units. I was hoping to find something in between for my 2009 Aurion, maybe around $600-$700. It looks like there are a couple of new-ish units available on the market and I was wondering if anyone has any expereince or knowledge about them.

The first is a unit that trades under a few different 'Tunez' names on ebay and their own web site.



The second unit is an android device which I think has been mentioned here by others. Both have 8" screens and similar features.


A local car audio dealer is pushing me to buy this Opal unit for around $1500:


Like I mentioned, I don;t know which way to turn for quality, function and value so I would love to hear from anyone who has any advice, particularly about the 'Tunez' units.

Thanks a lot,


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To be honest, they're all basically the same from the reviews and specifications I have looked at. If you're looking at a budget of 6-700, you'd be better off putting a bit more into it and stepping up to an Alpine etc. Yes the OEM look is appealing, but you cant beat the quality (both build and sound) of a good aftermarket unit.

If the opal unit was OEM style and a fraction of the price you quoted, I'd go for that, the user interface looks pretty nice, the only thing that stands out is the maximum capacity USB drive of 2gb and the fact that you'll need to buy a facia kit. The Android one looks nice too, but pricey- They can be found for a fraction of that price on AliExpress and sites there alike.

Don't be fooled by them advising its a "New 2013 model", I've been following these units since before I got my Aurion, and I haven't seen much of an improvement aside going from 7 to an 8" screen and more RAM at times.

As far as maps go, these units can have pretty much any mapping software loaded, provided its compatible with 840x480 resolution screens.

TV capability? I wouldn't bother this feature rarely works at described. I find they work well only when stationary in a city/built up area.

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Thanks, Ryan.

Appreciate your advice because I was a bit confused about these options. To be frank, I was not really aware there were options like an Alpine (any model recommendations). Do they stand alone or do I need to buy other bits like an amplifier? one of he reason I want to upgrade, apart from the extra features/functions, is that the sound quality of the original is so bad, particularly at low volumes. Thanks again for taking the time to reply and sharing your experience.


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I have no model recommendations, but any aftermarket unit (not oem style) will require a facia kit. I suggest going for a double din unit, I love a nice looking, good quality display. Single din units with a facia look very out of place in the Aurions big dash IMO.

As far as sound qulaity goes, you'll find the OEM-looking cheap units on ebay etc have similar quality to the original 6-stacker system.

What I love about the cheapys on ebay is that theyre all plug n play, thus no wire splicing, soldering etc, Although you can buy an oem wiring harness kit to make it easier - but this is just more money. Also, most of them maintain the use of the steering wheel controls - My old Alpine needed an extra unit worth over $300 for this!

If all you're looking to do is change your head unit, amps are not required. You'll only really need an amp if you're wanting to run high powered aftermarket speakers, subwoofers etc.

If its any help, my plan is to use my existing ebay cheapy DVD/nav unit, add a large sub woofer and amp, using the stock speakers. If possible, I may add in an external graphic equalizer.

If you need a hand with anything, PM me :)

Here's a link to a review I did on my DVD/Nav system, I'm looking to update it as I come across problems and resolve them;

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