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2005 hilux 4x4 dual cab down on power


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Hey guys,

Hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction..

I have a 2005 dual cab 4x4, it's the new shape with the D4D engine. It's now done 230,000ks but it seems to be substantially down on power, I've noticed it lately where I have been towing a trailer and end up going back down to 3rd gear to get up some hills and I find it doesn't even want to tow the trailer with no load in it in 5th gear. I had a hiace work van with the same engine and it would leave my hilux for dead. To me it seems that the turbo isn't working as it should, I can't really feel it come on boost at all compared to the hiace.

It also has a missfire you can here if u listen carefully, but it doesn't cough or splutter or blow smoke it runs quiet smoothly, just had no power.

Some guys have mentioned injectors but I had them tested and were ok. It rattles in the morning when cold on start up but sounds like most do.

So just curious if anyone has had a similar issue and no where the problem may be???


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Sounds like the turbo is rooted mate. Can be something a simple as the solenoid that changes the variable veins on the turbo (stepper motor) has packed it in or perhaps a coupling has come loose and is blowing your precious boost around the engine bay (you would generally here this though.

best way to determine if there is an issue is to get along to a mechanic with an OBDII reader and see if any error codes are being thrown.

sometimes clearing these codes fixes the problem.

other option is to do a full reset of your ECU and see if the problem is gone.

either way hope it isn't your turbo as a genuine unit from toyota is around $4500 + GST

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Unfortunately being a 2005 model yours isn't OBDII compatible and only a select few scantools are able to read error codes.

A common problem with the D4D engines is that the intake can get clogged with carbon deposits from the EGR system. It's normal for it to happen but a pain anyways. Sometimes they clog up so badly the entire intake is almost closed off in some parts. Only way to fix is to remove it and clean it out.

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i got the same prob in my 06 hilux. i have just cleaned out all the carbon in my intake manifold it was amost completley closed off with carbon, and still have no power, i suspect it is the turbo but wont know till i have time to remove it and check it out. possible a clogged cat in the exhaust system but still gotta check that out when i have the time. if you have already discovered the problem could you post what it took to repair it? it would help me out a heap. cheers mate.

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Possible reasons aside from blocked intake or faulty injectors:

Dirty Suction Control Valve (clean or replace)
Dirty MAP sensor (near intercooler - remove, clean out with turps, dry and replace the same way it came off)
Clogged CAT Converter, Air Filter and/or fuel filter

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Thanks steve, your a champion. it's good to get confirmation of the possible causes, this issue has had me worried about whether i wasted my time and money on the new injectors i put in that didnt change a thing, lol. they probly needed doing anyway. i have a feeling the cat is clogged so i will remove it this weekend and try cleaning it but if that cant be done i'll have to replace it. i have already cleaned the suction control valve so i'll also clean the M.A.P. sensor while i'm doing the cat just to make sure these parts are ok and see what change occurs. i'll post the result for future users reference. cheers mate.

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oh yeah.. just so others realise how badly the intake manifold can clogg up if you dont blank off the egr, i got a 2 litre ice-cream container full of carbon out of my manifold, i was shocked at how badly they clogg up. egr is now blanked off so this doesnt happen again.

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I think my 06 D4D is down on power as well so thanks for the heads up on possible causes. Has anyone tried using a spray for the intake de choking? Subaru have a spray they sell for there petrol engines. Has anyone every checked their valve clearances as per the manual (every 100,000 Km's)?

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