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side step and tow bar installation guides?


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I am looking for the same answers. I bought some genuine sidesteps that came with the brackets. Should they have come with bolts to bolt to the underbody? I have been under the car with the brackets and can see where the rear may go but there is no holes for bolts. The front brackets I have no idea! If someone could take a pic of a front and rear bracket from under the car that would be really appreciated.

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The side steps i did here myself about 3 weeks , actually dont come with bolts.Its more a like narrow plate with a bolt attached to it.Under the car there are numerous black rubber plugs , you have to pop these out and the plate slides into the hole and the bolt hangs down for the attachment.Its best to lay out all your brackets and side steps for the left and right hand side , say in front of the car , as the brackets are for one side only.Once you have laid them out , double check your instruction page , then double check again as some of the brackets will angle a certain way.Also while your at it , set up all the nuts and washers to suit each bracket and make sure everything is in correct order before you start.

Once you start get one bracket at a time and lay under the car and see where the holes match up to the black plugs (im guessing here each model may differ slightly).Install each bracket but do NOT tighten up the nuts , leave them as loose as possible.Work along the side of the car until there all attached but loose.At this stage only do ONE side to start with.

Now get your side step and line it up to each of the brackets , if you can get a 2nd person to help and hold it in place it will be a lot easier , i did do mine myself , but an extra pair of hands would of been handy.

Once you attach the side step , just tighten it enough to hold firm in place.At this stage open both doors and make sure they clear the side step without touching or rubbing against it.Also stand back and adjust to make sure its straight all the way along .Also check how far they stick out , as usually the kits allow you to move in and out about to suit your requirements.

Once everything is lined and straight , start tightening your main brackets 1st , then again check all your doors open and close without any issues.Then tighten your side steps making sure you keep it straight and aligned .Once again at this stage , check all your doors open and close freely.If happy , then move on and repeat the other side.

Helpful hints:

*Lay out the entire kit in front of the car on the ground to make sure you get the left hand and right hand correct.

*If having trouble with the plate bolts while attaching brackets , i did use some sticky tape to hold in place until it got tighten.

*When laying on the ground , use a soft blanket as each side takes around an hour (unless you have a hoist).

*Have some extra washers of the same size handy , as if the doors "do" rub against the steps , i added some extra washers to

help lower the bracket down another few millimetres.

Im not what one considers a handy person and my garage has about4 tools in it.......lol.At 1st i was going to pay to get someone to install mine for me , but thought i would give it ago 1st.I can actually say it was a lot easier then i thought , just have to be patient and take your time as you work though it.

Dan :)

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Hi DDC73,

Just a quick question, when getting in and out of the Kluger with the side steps, does it get in the way and hit your calf muscle or do you step on the step??

Sorry it might seem like a stupid question as I just purchased my Kluger a month ago and love driving it and have been looking at getting a set of side steps so my 3yr old son

can get in and out of the car easier.

Miki.. :blush: :blush:

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Hi Miki

I havent had any issues getting in and out normally , only time it may cause an issue if parked in a tight car spot and you cant open the door wide enough.But generally the pros outweigh the cons 10 to 1 in my books :)


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