2013 Altise

correct offset

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hello everyone,thinking of upgrading wheels for 2013 camry altise, just wondering what is correct offset ? thanks

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Hey Glen,

I just had to educate myself by stalking these and other forums to get wheels for my 2013 Atara,,, If youre looking at wheels online then i wouldnt be worried about offset as much as finding wheels that are a 114.3 PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) which will suit the Altise - Most of the wheels youll find with that PCD will suit your car.

I ended up going through an ebay seller as the costs here are jacked up - i got my 2013 Enkei Kojins in 18x8 for $1400 shipped under a week from California - i havent seen any sites in Australia even stocking the wheels so i probably would have paid a ridiculous amount if i sourced them from here. The ebay seller was a great communicator and was well aware of the tax at customs that gets applied to purchases over 1K - So he invoices the wheels under cost to avoid it.

You can google the seller called Cozy Styles.

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A big reason to upgrade your stock wheels to aftermarket is to make your car look better. That said, getting stock offset is a no no in my opinion as no matter what wheels you get without a flush look your car won't look good,

So if the stock offset is +45, you should look to get less than +30, ideally with staggered setup.

Eg for 18s, i would get something like +25 in the front and +30 in the rear (18x8, 18x8.5).

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