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Kluger kx-s smoke diagnosis...


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Hey Guys,

I have a story and question(s) regarding events over the last week with our kx-s 2007.


104,000kms, havent had it long, 12 months - less than 10k kms so far with us....

on a recent drive it blew blue smoke for about 30 seconds - and having a relatively good mechanical background i knew this potentially wasnt going to be good - rings, valve stem seals, etc...so it was nursed home and garaged....no oil light or alert on dash, or noise from engine.....no prior issues at all...

Next day (as it was late) I put in a flush, changed oil, filter and air filter.....oil was black so not great I know. started it again and less blue smoke but was still there...... added another flush and changed oil and filter again after about 10kms...oil relatively clean...but had only done 10kms!... no doubt it has missed a few scheduled oil changes....also changed the pcv valve for good measure

started it again with a puff of smoke then it pettered out to nothing.....thinking valve stem seals at this stage and maybe not rings......took off the forward rocker cover to inspect. pretty good under there, some very minor pasty sludge / oil but nothing solid which pleasing.....cleaned it up and replaced the cover.

then with new oil and filter in it, it was started again. puff of smoke then nothing (strted as blue then went almost a grey smokey colour). oil from dip stick nice and clean. took it for a 20km drive, no smoke and oil appears good.

Next day, started it, puff of smoke then nothing......driven about 20kms today and no noticable smoke when driving...

question is: have i just avoided a major repair bill by catching a potential sludge problem in the nic of time?

i am thinking it could be valve stems seals as well, or even residul sludge accumulating in the block when stopped and being burnt when it starts.....maybe another flush will fix it further??.....doesnt appear to use any oil.....

I know there are all sorts of horror stories of sludge build up in these engines and catastrophic failures, but i couldnt see anything major with the cover off....I also want to avoid being told it is a full rebuilt or changeover when it my not be the case.....

any commments, thoughts or things to investigate would be apprecited.....lesson learnt - oil change straight after purchasing a car - no matter what the history is!!

aside from this it is a well looked after family car and isnt worked hard at all....

thanks guys


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Just watched the car drive away with wife behind wheel.... Seemed more white / condensation like now.... Minor....

Can the sump be removed with engine in place ?.....might clean that also....

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aside from this it is a well looked after family car and isnt worked hard at all....

thanks guys


How hard was it worked prior to your ownership is the important thing.

As you have already figured, it has not been properly serviced (GOOD oil & filter). This can spell disaster with modern motors.

Older cars were fine with a few flushes and new oil but tolerances and such things as VVTI do not take kindly to neglect and abuse. One good reason not to buy used unless you are 100% sure of the mechanical condition and maintenance.

Maintained correctly they are very reliable and do run for a very long time without major repairs.

Impossible to know what your problem is from here but blue smoke on first start is usually valve guides as you know... and that is the result of inefficient lubrication.

Chances are it may not have had new oil since it left the factory 100,000 k's ago??

No log books with the car??

White smoke / steam within reason is normal starting from cold.

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Hi Steve, I was wondering how you went with the Kluger smoking problem. I have a 2006 Kluger CVX which is blowing smoke after a longish trip. If my wife drives it for a 20km round trip, to work and back on a daily basis, leaves it overnight then starts it the next morning, no problems. If we go on a weekend day trip anything more than 20kms park the car come back after an hour start the car and a huge plume of smoke blows out, very embarrassing. I have taken it to a mechanic who flushed the engine, oil filter and oil change, still the same. I have read about the PCV and have ordered one yesterday and will change it to see if that makes a difference. Can you give me a heads up of where the valve is located? and if you located the source of your problem. The kluger drives beautifully, doesn't blow smoke while driving, very smooth and no loss of power over the past 6 years that we have owned. I am hoping it's not, Piston rings, valve seals etc.. Toyota will bleed me dry for the cost of repairs I'm sure.



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Hi steve

Apologies for the late reply.

Since I posted the issue I have had a couple more people look at the car and have also live chatted to a Toyota technician in the US. I have also had the sump off and removed some sludge from there, not hard but gooey, took off the front rocker cover and sdid the same and ran a high quality commercial grade flush agent through it for 3 hours then a full oil and filter change. The smoke reduced dramatically after this....

The Consensus is that it is most likely residual sludge that gets worked around the engine after longish trips and once the car reaches full operating temp. I was recommended to do oil changes and flushes every 1000kms for 6 months and see if it decreases. If not it could be vale stem seals. I am still a little iffy about whether it is a Pcv issue so will put in another one just in case -about $25 so worth the investment. Overall I have seen a decrease in the smoke so that's a good sign. I am due for another flush and change in about 200kms so will post how that goes...

The Pcv valve is on the front top of the engine, find a larger vacuum hose on the right hand side and chase it back to the rocker cover. It looks like a cigarette lighter shaped thing...

Let me know how you go



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