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New Member - After advice for IFS/Suspension Upgrades

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G'day guys!

My name's Whiskey and I'm the proud new owner of a 2004 Hilux and newly addicted 4-wheel driving fanatic.

So, here's the thing, the PO of this truck spent some money on it. Some of the upgrades are clearly beneficial, i.e. the brand new TJM Bull bar with 9500 lb winch. I reckon he walked into TJM and maxed out his credit card.

I've taken photos of the suspension and I'm hoping you Lux gurus out there can make heads or tails of what I've got and what I should do to make it any safer or more capable off road. I know that as an IFS ute, it's inherent offroad prowess can't match that of a live axle ute. Believe you me, I love the idea of doing an SAS and have started researching it but given the $5-7k price tag, it's going to have to wait.

Is it worth beefing up the IFS with good parts, adding lockers and a good set of MT's? Bear in mind, I don't want to do any crazy ridiculous rock crawling but I do want to access some pretty heavily rutted, washed out, steep, loose and or wet fire trails and tracks.

I know spending money on the IFS may be like peeing in the wind but it's worth it to me to spend $2k now (excluding tyres) to get a highly capable trail machine that's still reliable for my carpentry business for the next year or so while I hunt for a solid axle and save up for the swap.

Any way, here's the pics. I look forward to getting to know you guys. Thanks in advance for the help!


I didn't blur out my number plates so don't anyone go stalking me or fobbing your speeding fines off on me!


Drivers side front end. TJM Shocks. Ball joints and CV seem to be in good shape, some of the bushings seem a bit average, like on the pitman arm. Can anyone recommend a **** hot degreaser that's safe on my rubbers? I used to use Simple Green back home, good for a light detergent and degreaser but I haven't seen it here in OZ. I like to detail my truck after it's been on the trail, including underneath.


Passenger side, shot of CV axle and torsion bar


Lower ball joint drivers side. They're all in pretty much the same nick.


Torsion bar from passenger side. Bushing at chassis rail looks a bit suss. Worth replacing with Polyurethane?


Rack and pinion


Rear diff, shocks and leafs. This truck sits very high in the back and the springs are so bloody stiff, that the tyres came off the ground with the first pump of my floor jack the first time I jacked it up. I will be adding an diamond plate alloy canopy/service tray full of tools (or camping gear, recovery gear and spares when I'm on the trail). I do wonder if these are the wrong leaf springs though, it is really bloody rigid. Should I wait until I get all the weight on the ***** of it before doing anything with them?




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