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1995 Camry - Major fuel loss happening


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Hi i just got a Camry 1995 sedan last week

in 5 days we have had to put $70 in for about 250km of driving

today i picked up the kid from school and went to mcdonalds nearby and probably went through about a fifth of a tank

I cant really smell fuel anywhere around the car, there is a slight hissing under the rear passenger side door, but that might be related to the fuel pump??

On what i think is the inlet manifold, there's a hose that's worn, it pushes air away from the inlet manifold

The exhaust is quite thick & white, i cant see any holes in the exhaust

there's not much else i can find that wrong, can anyone lead me to some possible causes

Im a commodore man and know quite a lot about the Holden, but am new to the Camry being a new car

thanks for any help

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Fuel usage could possibly be as a result of a faulty o2 sensor or even leaky injectors amoungst other things.

As for the white smoke, are you experiencing a loss of coolant, contaminated coolant or milky oil?

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