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2007 Auto Diff oil leak


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I noitced today my diff is leaking oil. has anyone got any suggestion to what may have caused this and some common problems that may be wrong with it?

i bought my hiluxed used about 14 months ago and has been going great until this! im a little worried its going to cost me heaps!!!! i bought a toyota to avoid spending heaps on repairs!!!

any help and suggestions would be great!!!!

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It's a used ute-ppl knock them around, and refuse to pay for good repairs then flog them off at stupid prices because the repairs are then too expensive-or they just don't care. U'tes are normally driven into the ground and flooged off only when scrap. Because of demand, they fetch ridiculous prices compared to other used vehicles, even the poor ones. Tojo make a fair vehicle, tough and reliable, just a bit pricey and sometimes too smart for their own good. Most others aren't worth the effort or money. They may lack brute power, but they are strong and reliable, with good parts backup.

That said, you haven't posted a picture of the leak, nor decribed it well. It MAY be loose flange bolts, or a bad front seal/bearing, it MAY be a broken tooth caught between the crown wheel and the case, cracking it, it MAY be it's been hit on a rock and cracked, or it MAY be just a loose drain or filler bung. You'll HAVE to look closely, and it's likely you'll have to dismantle it to at least some extent, but firtst you must clean it and try to see where the oil is coming from.

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