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Kluger Door will not open


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Hi, I cant seem to find any solutions to this problem, although there are similar posts on the internet for a variety of Toyota's.

I have a 2008 Kluger and the DS rear door (not rear hatch) will not open. It started with just the child lock "stuck" on and not being able to open the door from the inside. Then I had a play around with the locks/ door and got the child lock OFF - Everything then worked OK until I closed the door again and it won't open at all! Inside or out! I have reset the computer by holding the key in the drivers door (turned) for 10 secs, nothing. I can hear the actuator working in the door so I'm confused about whats going on. the lock itself turns on and off without an issue.

AND I cant take the door trim off as the door is closed.

Where do i start? Opeing the door is the first issue, then finding a fix of course....

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If you were having issues with the child lock then I would put my money on there being an issue with the locking mechanism. If you are lucky it might just be full of dirt and not functioning properly. Get some WD40 and as best you can spray it into the gap where the latch is. Also try with the window down and see if you can see the Mech, if you can spray on to it too.

When I get cars with this issue at work it can be tricky but I do have wedges and wires for getting into the door cavity, it can be tricky without the correct gear.

If lubricating it as best you can doesn't work you should take it to an Automotive locksmith.

There is no reason that anyone should have to damage the door to get it open and worst case you might need to replace the mechanism.


What happens when you try to open it from the outside? is the handle hard to pull or does it pull like it did before it stopped working?

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outside handle doesn't work, doesnt grab - as if its locked, same for the inside. First thing I need to do is get th door open, then i can access the child lock and lubricate as youve mentioned. Any advice on opening the door? coat hanger down the window Or through the door handle (youtube had a clip of a guy ging in through th door handle but that was a VW golf)

appreciate your help...

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If you don't know what you are doing then I strongly recommend to not put anything down the door cavity, there is a lot that you can do to make it worse and more expensive.

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