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axel nut

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hey guys, any idea what size the axel nut on the zze123 is?

broke a stud and i need to get it replaced. and also the nut has a dent as a means of holding it in is there at way to get that off if you know what i mean? anyone done this before??

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i wasnt too sure but i measured it to 36. anyway i had to drive a mate out to a mechanic to pick up his car so i got it done for 20 bucks and i supplied the nut. didnt expect it to be 6 dollars something but then again it was toyota.

ill give 30mm a try when I decide to change my rotors haha

thanks guys

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why do u need to take off the axle nut when u change rotors? u only need to if u snapped a stud and need to replace it or change the bearing. to be completely honest, you should have changed the ones that had white corrosion near the start of the stud or just change all of them for peace of mind.

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you dont need to? thought you did.... thought it was holding the whole thing in, my bad. yeah I think ill just change my bearings all together soon enough, the car has gone through quite a bit of travel

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