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Central locking problems


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Hey guys, i recently bought a 2002 SR5 Hilux Dual Cab 4x4 about 18 months ago. From the first day the central locking system never worked as well as i hoped. I would have to get within 2 metres of the car before the remote would work and the doors unlock, but as long as i was close enough the remote would work perfectly first time every time. Then about 12 months ago it suddenly stopped working, so i replaced the battery and cleaned the circuit board gently with a cotton bud (as it had a little moisture inside from being in my pockets working during summer.) But the whole time, even now the little red LED light always worked when pushing the button.

So i didnt use the remote for 6 months and then decided id give it another try and it randomly worked the first time i pushed the remote, but wouldn't work after that. So it sat around for another few months.

Today i went to a locksmith and i tried to get a new toyota remote, and the bloke sat in my car for half an hour trying to get the "programming" settings to come up, by turning the key from 'accessories' to 'on' and back to 'accessories' 20 times etc. To my dismay it wouldnt connect and he then told me he has never not been able to connect to the pairing settings of a cars central locking.

Can anyone shed any light on my predicament?? or any ideas at all

Thanks guys


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As the remotes aren't that expensive that is where I would be starting with, easier than replacing the receiver.

This should be the method for programming in a remote when you have an existing working one.

Open drivers door and remove key from ignition

Lock doors with remote

unlock with remote

insert key in ignition

Turn from OFF to ON 20 times and leave in OFF on 20th time (Indicators will flash 20 times if done correctly)

On the last flash press the button on remote, repeat for other remotes

turn ignition ON to close programming.

Some reasons why this might not work.

Has the chime been disconnected on the ignition for when the key is left in the ignition, this needs to be connected

All the other doors closed and check the switches aren't working. Put the interior lamp on doors, close all doors and the lamp should go out.

Check all the fuses.

If you don't have a working remote try this but first make sure you have the PIN for the radio

Drivers door open no key in ignition

Disconnect battery and wait 5 seconds then reconnect

insert key and turn OFF to ON 20 times leaving in the OFF position.. from here it is the same as the other instructions.

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Hey "mr2" thanks for your reply. i went yesterday to a locksmith to try and replace my remote and they had the manual and we went through all the procedures you listed but couldnt get in to the configuring menu of the central locking system. he sat there for ages but it just wouldnt configure. and i do have that ear piercing sound when the door is open with the headlights on. i havnt checked the fuses yet as all 4 locks still go up and down so i assumed the central locking is still working in that respect, but as easy as they are to check i might just go through them all to double check. cheers for the help mate

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I just checked on my Hilux with the chime and the key in the ignition, mine doesn't have it so yours probably doesn't either so scrap that bit :) :)

It might be worth trying it yourself and just see if you can program back in your existing remote, this way you can eliminate the new remote being wrong and also to try find out what is wrong with your car.

i reread your original post and you said by turning the key from 'accessories' to 'on' and back to 'accessories', don't do it from ACC it's OFF.

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yeh i might give it a go myself and if i can some how get the programming to work i lll go back to the locksmith for a new remote. but i think ill just pull the dash apart on the weekend and try to find a product code on the central locking control box. supposedly they only cost $40 or so, so that might be the next step

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Hey guys, I have a similar problem to this except I know its not the key remote. For some reason, when I turn the car off the door light on the dash comes straight on. The doors are all shut and the door switches are all functioning correctly but I can't lock the doors with the remote because the car thinks a door is open. The door light goes off when I turn on the car so it has me confused. Any suggestions?

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Hi there 


I am having an issue with my remote central locking in the same model. It appears to be every time it gets wet. Does anyone know where the receiver is located please? 
thanks on advance 

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