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Sportivo Mileage

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I know this is going to vary drastically according to people's driving style, car mileage and other factors, but in general, how far can you travel on a tank of petrol?

My car is just over 3000kms old, and I get around 550km to a tank with only the occasional quick venture into lift.

I feel like I should be getting better mileage.....

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Orrock have you now appointed yourself as moderator and overall mind what is said critic now. Who cares if this subject is restarted.

what have i done to you?

why am i at the end of your negative remarks?

did i say i was a moderator or even hint that i wanted to be one? the answer is no.

did i say i had a problem with this subject or even hint that i disagreed with it? the answer is no.

i thought i was being positive and helpful in advising to ozviking that the information he/she is searching for already exists.

i think i have a good memory of this forum and i was only trying to help ozviking by pointing him/her to some hidden information.

if any member is having a problem with my participation on this forum i encourage them to speak up just as peekay has done. as i have stated before if i am not wanted i will leave this forum on my accord.

ozviking can you please tell me if you thought i was being positive or negative towards you?

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please remember to search.

blackrolla started this topic in january 2004.


Orrock I have nothing against you but you over step the boundrys at times. As far as I am concerned you get involved with stuff that you dont have to ie the above telling people what to do and in more of how you say it. If I wanted to really get picky I could start saying that this forum is not a market place for your buisness as well but I won't...yet.

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peekay ok. i am not anglosaxon so my english may be rough.

if i do step over boundaries please let me know for my benefit. if it is kept quiet then i will not know better.

with respect to business please understand that i do not have a shop and i do not hold stock.

i wish to help members gain great deals from melbourne. i do not profit. if this is wrong then i will keep the deals secret.

thank you for your feedback.

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Thanks Orrock for your understanding this forum is for every one to enjoy and not to be atagonistic. I will allow you to keep advertising but please think before you respond to quickly to other posts and we will get on fine.

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Woah guys...take a chill pill man.

Peekay, thanks for being the moderator in this forum, every forum needs one and I think that you've done a pretty decent job here. But I must say that I don't personally think that Orrock has done anything wrong.

At the most, he's helped you out by informing oz viking that the this topic has been posted before. I don't really find anything worng with this particular post, do you really? Can you be a little more specific about what Orrock has done to upset this forum? Maybe let us be the judge of whether he's been out of line or not.

You may have been a little harsh with Orrock, I do think that he is a great member of this forum, just like you are as well and this forum won't be the same without the both of your valuable inputs, so please, for our sake, can't everyone just get along? ;)

Thanks for letting me speak my mind and I ask that both you guys please hold back your emotions a little for the sake of the forum and the people who come here looking for help and community. Cheers guys.

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I have covered just over 3000 klms in my stivo.

I get around 620klms to 650klms out of a tank, using lift, both city and freeway.

I am also a fat ***** myself physically, over 100kgs, my stivo is full of stuff, including tow bar, parking sensors etc etc.

I use Mobil Synergy and Shell Optimax. Have used BP Ultimate. Too ealry to say on the fuels, but Mobil seems a bit better. Depends on the station you goto. Some stations Optimax is better than others, so too Synergy.

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i agree with orrock and peekay man you need to chill, I understand you have to keep the peace, but really all he did was point out a reepost.

And that post a few above from this where the guy says he gets 650 off a tank :blink: INSANE.....

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Orrock, no you didn't offend by pointing out the earlier thread, but you'll notice I only joined in March at Zeerolla's invitation.

Peekay, I don't wish to offend but that's twice I've noticed now you jumping down people's throats. I don't pretend that moderation is an easy task, but bearing in mind that the written word is expressionless, and you can't convey tone, how about some moderation in what you write?

Anyway, bring back the love, this forum rocks!

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540km thrashing it.

620km taking it easy.

i like the second figure...but it's so hard not to go above 6,000rpm.

Gotta love the LIFT!



(We all good now? Take it easy..)

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before i had it chipped i was able to get on average 650km from about 45-50L as thats all it would take at ther servo, and this is taking into account that yes i do venture into lift every now and then. The one week i didnt use lift i managed to get 750km out of 55L :D but not using lift was hard :blink::blink:

Now that it is chipped if i drive it like a normal vehicle or as toyota likes to put it "UNDER NORMAL DRIVING CONDITIONS" i.e. 3000-4500 rpm the petrol consumption is as above 650km from 45-50L of petrol. But i have noticed it takes in a bit more fuel when i start requesting it to perform. Havent had my chip for to long so i am going to keep an eye on this <_< or it might just be that i didnt venture into lift as much before as i do now so i cant have a clear comparison :lol::lol:

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so the chip essentually changes your fuel-map right? i'm guessing a more aggresive fuel map would lead to slighly poorer fuel economy depending on how it's tune right?

I've noticed many people on this forum claim that the chip along with a good tune will close up that nasty torque whole in the mid-range.

off topic - it was a lovely 17degrees this morning and i noticed the car pulled much much much better from 3krpm upwards at mid throttle. something i've never experience in the stivo before. wow! i'm wondering if you guys with CAI noticed a significant difference in performance over your stock airbox?

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well from what ive noticed guys if i drive my car like a granny i.e. change gears between 3k-4k rpms i can push the car out to do about the same number of k's that it did before the chip and mayb a little bit more. but when im flat stick asking for it to performing the biatch gulp's it down like no tomorrow. I dont have figures of how much but i knw its quicker than usual.

Side not

oz_viking i only got the stuff off the guys yesterday as they had to get the hard copy of the file n they had to find it etc etc etc anyway from reading what they did i dunno if it will fix my rattle but i can only try heh. :blink:

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