High rev at start up

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Hi all!

I'm a newbie here.

I just bought 2010 Camry Hybrid and wondering if anyone knows if it is normal for Hybrid Camry.

When I start the engine (cold start) the fuel economy guage going up to 30L/100km.

and I can feel that the petrol engine works quite hard.

The engine works for few minutes from start and never be able to go on EV only mode by the time.

After few minutes from start, the engine stops and I can drive EV only mode in lower speed.

The engine stops after a minute or two from the engine temperature guage becomes normal.

Is this normal symptom to warm up the car or should I go to the dealer and ask to fix?

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Not owning one, nor having any experience in one. I'm assuming it's to get the engine up to temperature for the stop-start function to work properly.

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That is normal .. It soon settles down. Stop start won't work until the engine reaches normal operating temperature which happens quicker in the Hybrid than in most cars fortunately.. the fuel use soon settles down :-)

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