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Presara to Touring 2011 interchangeable body parts ?


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Hi everyone,

I've recently taken on a 2011 Touring.

I've thought about changing two pieces of the body to the Chrome fittings on the Presara models.

The pieces I'm thinking of are the front Grille which in Presara model is full chrome, and the rear boot line on presara has a Chrome strip.

So asking if anyone knows if it is easy to purchase these two Presara model parts, and if they are then easily interchangeable to have put on my Touring edition.

Also, the car has the Aurion floor mats, I am considering purchasing car seat covers but dont know whether to go for quality sheepskins, or the Toyota Aurion car seat covers. Does anyone have the Aurion ones, are they comfortable, of a good quality ?

Also boot liner, Anyone have the rubber boot liner option installed, is it handy to have ? I'm thinking even just to stop lone items in the boot sliding during driving.

Any thoughts most appreciated :)

Thank you fellow Aurion drivers.

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My car is the older shape but I would imagine getting your current grille and boot strip chromed could work out cheaper than replacing them with presara parts.

As for the seat covers, no idea. Mine has leather.

Bootliner sounds like a good investment. Even if it just stops you dirtying up the carpet. I'd like one myself but keep spending my $ on other things. If you have the cash available I'd get it if I were you.

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