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AUX Input Mod Alternative?


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Hey guys,

So I've finally given in and decided to toss out the FM transmitter
for music. Now I followed DJKOR back when he first brought up
his DIY aux trick.

Now my question is, will either of these work the same way as
DJKOR's original DIY setup?

Kit #1 and Kit #2 is what I've found so far. If anyone has any
other cheaper alternative which does not involve soldering etc,
that would also be greatful. (:

Thanks again guys.

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Hey Adam i am not an expert i am not sure if they would work but the easiest way to get AUX is using a groom device i have the groom IPD-3 which gives me AUX and ipod cable and it connects to the back of my standard Toyota head unit they have different types of hardware depending on what you want such as bluetooth and they are all plug in and play hope this helps.


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That's cool Remon but I was wondering if anyone knows any cheaper workaround?

I know DJKOR's idea was cheap and apparently easy if you know the basics of soldering etc.
I sort of failed at soldering 2 wires in year 9 to make a clock so I've sort of permanently given up on the whole handyman thing. :P

If anyone knows of or has done it in the South-East Melbourne area and is willing to do it for me within the next week, I'd be glad to shout them a 6 pack of their favourite brew.

Thanks again guys.

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1 hour ago, teknix said:

Just wondering if u ever managed to find someone to do the aux mod in the SE Melbourne area? Any recommendations if you were sucessful would be appreciated.



try out these guys, they have a store in cranbourne, they arent cheap, but they are car audio specialists

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