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Changing engine oil in 2004 MCV36R Camry


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I bought car in feb this year and the seller had serviced it in jan. He always serviced the car himself. He told me to do the same. I have never changed engine oil but I'm willing to learn.

Car has done 10K since purchase and I think it is the time to change oil.

In manual it says that 5w30 is preferred.

Is it easy to change the oil. what tool and other stuff I need to do the job? Which oil filter is good?

Also, how to discard the old oil?


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This is how I change the engine oil + filter:

- To allow the old oil to drain faster, warm up the engine first.

- Using a hydraulic jack place the car on safety stands

- Undo the oil filler cap on the engine and/or lift the dipstick (allows air to get in when oil drains)

- if necessary, remove engine under cover

- With an oil pan in place undo the sump plug (careful oil is hot!)

- Let oil drain for a couple of minutes, then put sump plug back (if necessary replace washer) and tighten to 45Nm

- Move oil pan underneath the filter and undo the oil filter

- Clean the oil filter installation surface

- Apply clean engine oil to gasket of new filter, screw new filter into place and tighten hand-tight

- Lower the car of the safety stands and add new engine oil (4.7 liters for the 1MZ-FE w filter change). Install oil filler cap and put dipstick back. I usually pour 4 liters first and then start the engine. The oil pressure light might stay on for a couple of seconds until oil pressure has build up - if it stays on for more then lets say 5 seconds turn the engine off and check!

- While the engine is running check for leaks underneath. Turn it off, wait 5 minutes and check oil level with dipstick and add until level is at max.

I use Ryco filters too, you can find the right filter on their website.

Best way to go about the old oil is to call your local council and ask where to get rid of it.

Good luck!

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Very easy mate to change.

It feels good knowing you are putting the right oil in the engine.

I have done mine. I have used valvoline 10w-40 semi syn and a ryco platinum oil filter that i have to change engine oil at 5k.

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Thanks for replies.

I'll do oil change this weekend then.

which brand of oil is good?

last owner used valvoline. Don't remmebr the excet type now.

I think they all very similar. My mechanic for last car used to use penrite. from what I understand, full synthetic is the way to go.

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