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Hi all,

Just a quick post to say hello. I have just joined the ranks of real Toyota owners for the first time :o.

"Real" Toyotas, you ask?

I had a VP2 Lexan once... I suspect that doesn't count!

The Toyota in question is a '13 Kluger KX-R 7st FWD. I've been a (mostly) Holden driver for many moons, but have got sick of putting bits back on Commodores, and the less said about those Korean Holwoos... Sorry, I got a bad one! Other than the Lion cars, I've had Fords, Mazdas, Renaults, a Peugeot, a Fiat, um, part shares in a Lancer, ditto an Excel and a half share in a VW beach buggy.

My mid life crisis, and everyone needs one, is a Westfield SEiW Clubman, a little Lotus Seven inspired kit, steel frame, 'glass body, (over)powered by a Nissan ( :ninja:) SR20 motor. First wife was good enough to pay for that, in exchange for the house :nopity:

My better half/girlfriend/partner or whatever the PC term is owns (borrows from the lease company) a '13 Toyota 86GTS auto. I'd rather a manual, but then I don't have to endure hours of battling the three lane parking lot Perth's "freeways" have become of late. It's got to be just about the best drive I've experienced, other than the Westie when it's all in one bit!

Pics to follow. Sometime!

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Hi scott,welcome to the forum,I also use to be a holden man and had a couple commodores,but after switching to toyota I never looked back.

The kluger is a brilliant car,I just sold my 2007 kxs and I would say,hand on my heart,the kluger was my most practical car I have owned,I absolutly loved it.

The things I loved about my kluger was there was plenty of cargo space,there was also plenty of head and leg room,the seats were great on long drives,the most thing I was impressed with was the performance and fuel economy ,of the 3.5 VVTI V6 engine,these thing pack a punch and the fuel economy they acheive is outstanding for a 2 ton petrol wagon,you wont go wrong with the kluger

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Thanks David, sorry for the slow reply - haven't been near my laptop recently, and I can do without typing on the phone... Thick thumbs, and ten of 'em :huh:

2000 ks on the big beast and all goes well. Upgraditis threatens (stereo, maybe some suspension work to quell the lean :g: ), but I must get the little clubbie back on the road first.

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I cycle to work so I'll be using it for some very light off road and
mainly carying a couple of dirt bikes around on the weekends. Look
farward to attending a meet when its a little more presentable though!

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