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Replacements for the stock Aurion head unit


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Hey guys,

Currently my car has the 5" screen for the reverse camera and a 6 stack CD player but I wanted to buy a Clarion or Pioneer DVD player to replace it with. I know there are replacement kits on ebay, but I would prefer something with a brand name.

Does anyone have any idea what size I'd need to look for (7" or 8"?) and if its possible to get it working with my reverse camera and steering wheel controls?

Thanks for your replies....

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This is an old topic and yet not fully cleared. Probably because there are to many different models and different requests.

I bought my Aurion Touring new (4/1/2011) and it came with 6 stack CD-MP3 player and 4-1/4" screen head unit Fujitsu Ten model FT0015A (or 38009 as written on the front face panel). I have a factory reverse camera which I am very happy with, steering wheel controls, Blue-tooth which works great with my Samsung Galaxy (very clear reception and fast auto connection), front USB for my Sandisk micro thumb drive full of MP3s and live Blue-tooth streaming from my Galaxy - not the best audio quality when streaming.

Unlike many of you here on the forum I was quite satisfied with my head unit until I decided to connect my old sub and amp (Alpine PDX-1000.1 and 15" R series in slotted box). Took the car to the Albert HiFi for the installation and was informed the head unit has no RCA outs and the only way to connect the amp is to use the line converter from the rear speaker terminals. All done and sound great with factory speakers and sub. Plenty of lows but I am more SQ than SPL person. Many songs were missing lowest frequencies. This is normal as the head unit amp rolls off lows early to protect cheap factory speakers.

This is where my troubles started. Went to Toyota dealer for help and it was like pulling the tooth out. Final answer was: no, you don't have RCA line out and can not help you! I looked around for replacement but it was hard to part with $$$ just for the RCA line out sake. I saw one of those cheap Chinese replacement "have it all" on e-bay with the Toyota factory face plate and for about $400 and i got it in. What a disappointment. The only good thing about it was the sound quality. Everything else was rubbish. Slow to boot on start up, would not remember last played MP3 song from my USB or SD slot, If more than few MP3 songs on the USB/SD it would take long, long time to read it, GPS very slow (maps OK) and the biggest disappointment was not able to connect my rear camera!!! It came with ISO cable adapters for a factory Toyota connectors but standard wires for a video and reverse signal wiring. Gave it to my son who had Camry Touring without rear camera and back to my factory head unit.

Now that my car warranty is over, I am ready to take more risks and try again to solve this problem. Reading this forum I learned two very important things. Rear camera is 6 V (not 12 V like others) and there is a possibility to find a pin layout for the factory head unit. Before I replace it I have to make sure there is no line out signal on any unused pins on factory head unit. Following some topics on this forum I found DJKOR's pin layout and the only place I could have audio line out is on 20 pin connector and 10 pin connector (not mentioned in the topic). I tested 10 pin connector at the back of my head unit and it has no audio line out on any pins. DJKOR shows on 20 pin connector 4 pins for steering wheel controls but my head unit has 9 wires in total going to this 20 pin connector. When disconnected I dont have steering wheel control and reverse camera so I assumed other 5 wires are video in and power out for camera. I hoped this 20 pin connector may have audio out for sub amp for Presara or Prodigy as one of them has a built in sub and amp.


Connector 1:

1 - Light Green - Speaker: Front Right Positive (+)
2 - Pink - Speaker: Front Left Positive (+)
3 - Grey - +12v ACC
4 - Blue/Yellow - +12v Constant
5 - Blue - Speaker: Front Right Negative (-)
6 - Purple - Speaker: Front Left Negative (-)
7 - Brown - Ground
8 - Orange - Antenna Power (+12v to power antenna amplifier)
10 - Dark Green - Illumination (+12v when tail lights on)

Connector 2:

1 - Red - Speaker: Rear Right Positive (+)
2 - Black - Speaker Rear Left Positive (+)
3 - White - Speaker: Rear Right Negative (-)
6 - Yellow - Speaker Rear Left Negative (-)

Connector 3:

3 - Purple - Speed signal (used for ASL in stock unit)
6 - Pink - Steering control ground
7 - Orange - Steering control signal (for SEEK and VOL)
8 - Yellow - Steering control signal (for MODE)

I went to Toyota dealer yesterday and did not leave until I got the connection layout schematics from them. It is printed on many pages and after studding it all night I sadly concluded there is no audio line out on any of the pins. I will have to get aftermarket head unit and try to replace it. I will go for a brand name this time. I don't need GPS or DVD player but have to have a steering wheel control, reverse camera display and blue-tooth. And of course sub line out.

Knowing that my factory camera is using 6V will help a lot my installer (not Alberts - I am not taking my car there any more). Adapter harness for brand name head units to Toyota wiring is available on e-bay except for camera connection... I haven't decided what brand to go with, but thinking between Pioneer, and JVC. In Perth there are not many dedicated car audio installers unless they are connected to some retail shop, so buying on e-bay cheaper will require my own installation. If I buy in local shop then I have a chance they will go extra length to install it for me properly. This is why I am looking into these two brands.

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Got the Toyota unit shown in the second pic working with the reversing cam, aux audio input and steering controls by a bit of modification to the wiring.

Thanks Phil. Same car, same year and same color (+ tint but original rims on mine). What is the model of this HU and where did you get it from? I see you mentioned AUX, but does it have any line out? My problem is - no line out to hook up my sub amp without the line converter.

I forgot to mention before I don't like external mic. After searching for Pioneer and JVC models could not find one with built in mic, or with one of the other requirements. Alpine has some models on the lower range but also without all the features I need. Finally I stumbled upon Clarion VX402a


It has everything: built in mic with BT, steering wheel control ready, reverse cam video in and sub RCA out dedicated line with sub control. The only thing I will miss - USB is not on the front panel. I will have to run the lead from the back of the HU to the glove box. DVD player is bonus but I am not into watching videos in car. I like to drive it more. No GPS but the price is right. It is selling on e-bay for $400 delivered. I will visit Westside shop in Perth next week to see if they can do the wiring for me. They are selling this Clarion model too but for $500.

The only worry is I can not find any review or video on the web. It is a new model, but generally Clarion as a brand is not spreed around like other brands. Anyone has opinion about Clarion?

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Hi Peter. Check out the pinout diagram posted by sportivo2007 for that PZQ60-00531 head unit:


As far as I'm aware this head unit does not have line out which doesn't solve your problem with the connection to the sub amp, but given that it has different and considerably more pins than the stock 2011 setup, maybe it does?

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I installed Pioneer AVH-X8500BHS, got it on ebay from US. Under 500$ delivered. The idea behind this was, the unit was meant to be able to mirror the phone, and it does, but only pioneer approved apps. There is a way around it, but it gets complicated. I would highly recommend a unit with MIRROR LINK technology, true mirroring of the smart phone. Very useful.

Another thing that really ****** me off.... the USA retards don't let you use video features of your head unit unless car is completely stationary, ie, you must engage park brake. Which is usually remedied by grounding the park brake wire, if that doesn't work you have to install a simple relay, so park brake gets grounded only after the car starts. But to my surprise that did not work work either. So after reading lots of forums i figured that they went step further. So what they want you to do is to stop, put the car in park, engage park break, then release it and then engage it again... WTF????? Only an american sicko can come up with something like this. Thankfully I found this Russian dude that sells double pulse relays on ebay for 20$, it works perfectly.

Installing any brand name unit will be essay, you just buy a connector harness from auto barn, tell the brand of the unit and brand of the car, it is almost plug and play (you have to connect few wires yourself, but easy to figure out)

You also have to buy fascia, plastic cover around the unit. Ebay, 50 $. You can get steering wheel control adapter, but I think it is a waste of money. If you don't get (don't, you don't need it) you have to ground Pink wire from the diagram above- Steering control ground on the connector 3

​And i just couldn't figure out how to make the reverse camera work, i tried several things, nothing worked. But you can get the aftermarket camera that fits into the same spot as the factory one, and it is so easy to connect, and works perfectly.

The pioneer that I got works excellent as a stereo, it has two AUX inputs, two USB inputs, HDMI, AVI and so on, I can hook all of my gizmos to it. It also takes SD card, I use that as opposed to cd's, much easier.

​Sound is excellent, it has inbuilt amp, and I have type R Alpine 6'9 all around. If I choose too, half of the Brisbane knows when I am approaching.

​But if you get something with MIRROR LINK, you don't need the GPS unit, you just get the navigation of your phone.

Good Luck!

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I have a similar one to the ebay one in your post and the touch screen looses its touch after a few months an you have to push it hard to access functions. You Would be better of paying a bit extra for a decent brand unit an buying the fascia to fit it

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