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VIPZR6's JZX100 Chaser Tourer V


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As a few of you guys might already know, this is for the rest of you :)

Enter the new project, the JZX100 :)


Picked it up last weekend, more or less a bit of an impulse buy. Once I saw it I had to have it, photos don't do justice as to how neat and tidy this is for a 14 year old car. Has done less K's than the Aurion, which is believable given the condition its in. Almost due for its 100,000 service though however :(

Quick run down on what its got;

- Factory manual

- Factory LSD

- Factory sunroof

- Factory (looks to be anyway) TRD 320k cluster

- Power FC


- Split dump (with screamer :P)

- Cat-Back Kakimoto 3" exhaust

- Some crazy ***** Panasonic head unit that does pretty much everything, all in Japanese :/

- Leather look seat covers

- Random Japanese gizmos

- Now sporting the BBS reps off the Aurion :D

Apparently sporting 235kw atw @ 16PSI

It makes all the right noises and is a dream to drive. Already have a shopping list of things to do, which is more than likely going to start with (once its transfered) installing a cruise control module for those long day trips

I dont have many detailed pics at this stage, only a few from when I picked it up,





Enjoy! More photos and progress to come soon

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Maaaate! nice buy very clean looking car.

Hows it drive compared to the old car? Does it feel 10yrs+?

I have a soft spot for these... i think it's just the headlights tho :P

Mate, it doesn't feel like a10yr old car at all. It's so tight! one of the main reasons I picked it up. And it will only get tighter as I plan on giving the undercarriage a complete overhaul (if funds permit of course)

JZX love. Nice pickup - now get working on it! :D

Hoping to make a start this weekend :) been such a busy time of year (as it always is) and have really only given it a wash and threw the wheels on for ****s and giggles...and they are still on now :/

First things first its needs an RWC so standard dump pipe, airbox are going in and I'll wind the coilovers up a little. Will try and put the 17's off the Aurion on while I still have it too

After that, 100,000 service, then the fun mods can begin :D

Looks similar to my previous car :P Needs updated/clear side markers and front indicators and then it'll be really similar. How much did you pay if you don't me asking?

Yeah clear indicators and repeaters are on the list. Has HIDs aswell so the clear bits will really set it off I think :) paid 17.5 for it with some standard bits thrown in to get me a RWC/out of defects

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Update time :)

Been a busy month or so with work etc, in the mean time getting the Chaser moved into my name with roadworthies and such

Started with raising it up to a legal height. Love the TEIN coilovers and their simplicity for achieving this :)


Then the task of removing the split dump+screamer for a standard dump+cat (for obvious reasons haha)


Anyone who has worked on these before will know how much of a tight squeeze it is trying to get a spanner and hand up between the bracing, steering arm, exhaust and everything else that just happens to be in the way - tenfold when you take into account the design of the split dump :(


Still in tow minds on whether to get rid of it and get a simpler designed 3" dump or get it modified so the wastegate is plumbed back into the exhaust


Did a bit of detective work on the bodykit;


Threw the wheels off the Aurion on for the roadworthy :P


Made a new local friend


And this is how its currently sitting :)


Got onto the paintwork last night and cleared up a few scuffs and things, Have been doing little bits and pieces here and there where I've had the time but the main focus at the moment is getting a 100,000 service organised as the km's are creeping up there :( bit of a dark cloud but once it's done I'll atleast be able to really start enjoying the car to its full potential.

All in the midst of trying to sell the Aurion at the same time :| Slow progress...

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I'm sure you been told but 612 Autoworks can do it for you. I had mine done at a workshop in Bentleigh East; next door to where I was working at the time and they did an excellent job (Baytech Auto)

Car looks good, just needs clear indicators for an 'updated' look imo

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  • 3 weeks later...

Aurion finally sold :) So wasted no time getting celebrations underway by giving the new baby a wash


Shows the current setup of suspension which I have been tweaking mm by mm to get the height just right so as to not look 4WD spec and at the same time be practical by eliminating scrubbing and the possibilty of getting beached on the sills/exhaust tip, which brings me to the next improvement;

Removed exhaust top and proceeded to attack it with parts cleaner and a bunch of metal polish to restore it to its former glory


And remounted on the muffler, two or three slots back from where it was, resulting in a more subtle look and less chance of the flat spot you may be able to see at the bottom, growing larger on the KFC driveway


Also had a crack at polishing my horns because I was bored in the shed one night


In the midst of all this, got a standard incandescent dome globe to replace the horrible blue LED festoon bulb, have got a set of Camry clear indicators on order to replace the ugly DV10 amber ones that I found out recently, were hacked into the guards for compliance :( So as you can see, small things are changing, but hopefully now I have one less car loan to deal with things may start to pick up

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good maintenance! is that one of the slightly larger oil filters? same thread and everything but I think they are longer?

No Idea Cam, the main reason I got it was the fact it has a nut on top for easy removal :) Plus K&N and plus it was cheaper than its Ryco alternative

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haha fair enough... anything that helps! I don't think is such a thing as 'easy removal' for 1j oil filters haha. :angry:

Yep hence why I went with one of these. Depending how easy it goes, I may end up grabbing a filter relocation kit, seen alot of the Supra boys with these for that exact reason

Come to think of it did you get one? or am I thinking of Rizzi...or someone else completely lol

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haha no no you are right. I did get one... PHR Re-location kit. Its an awesome piece of gear! Went to install it yesterday... Problem is I've converted my clutch from push type to pull type (or vice versa) when I installed the twin plate. So the bracket bolts up fine but the filter hits the clutch slave cylinder.

So I have to modify the bracket so that it sits at a slightly different angle. Should get it finished tomorrow.

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Few more little tweaks;

Red BBS centre caps + clear indicators


Hit 100k :(



Favorite shot so far


Service is happening next weekend finally, progress is progress no matter how slow

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  • 3 weeks later...

Its finally over. Oh man



Cutting corners on removing crank pulleys are a bad idea;


Props to the blokes at 612 who worked with me well into the morning to get the car running again after hours and hours of troubleshooting only to find that one missing tooth causing all our grief.

Got to have a really good look underneath while it was up on the hoist, looking like a very honest car all in all. Rusty bolts here and there, looks to have come from a coastal area originally but nothing structural atleast. Found the source of thudding through gear changes too, diff bushes or whats left of them...will be getting replaced later in the year (sooner rather than later now I know thats the cause) Will probably end up dropping the gearbox and diff fluids while im at it and checking out a slight leak in the box which seems to be coming from the rear


So next on the list is some clear corner markers and/or diff bushes, whichever I can get my hands on first

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Nah, the top sticker is the advisory to change the timing belt at 100k, I put the lower sticker on with the service date and km's. But your not wrong I would love to know the history on it

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Was aware of the advisory sticker :) - just wasn't sure you placed the new sticker hehe.

Yeah would be a good idea to get history check - thankfully I got mine with the papers

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Very reminiscent of my Chaser. Although I had the 100k service done again as I had a leaking cam seal even though the major service had apparently been done prior.

Changing the diff bushes (with OEM ones) was about one of the best things I did, made changing gears so much nicer. That and the fact that it almost stopped axle tramping off the line in the wet or on boost.

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