VIPZR6's JZX100 Chaser Tourer V

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Very reminiscent of my Chaser. Although I had the 100k service done again as I had a leaking cam seal even though the major service had apparently been done prior.

Changing the diff bushes (with OEM ones) was about one of the best things I did, made changing gears so much nicer. That and the fact that it almost stopped axle tramping off the line in the wet or on boost.

Couldn't agree with you more on those symptoms. I'm actually that keen to replace them its not even funny. Going to organise another trip up to 612 to get it sorted, and possibly see my mate up there who is a painter. While washing on the weekend, paint started flaking off one of my mirrors (it was already pretty badly sun damaged) so good excuse to get them redone, and maybe a roof spoiler colour coded at the same time ;) yet to track one down yet though (for a reasonable price)

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lol once again - just like my car. The paint on my mirrors was chipping more with every wash, it got to a stage where almost 1/3rd of the paint was gone on the drivers side before I scored a set of genuine Ganador mirrors for a good price. 612 Auto also helped me change the diff bushes as well

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looking good! how did you go with the diff bushes?

That's also next on my list

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looking good! how did you go with the diff bushes?

That's also next on my list

Mine too mate! Havn't gotten round to getting them in yet, shot Nick from North Shore an email today to get prices on OEM as well as the TRD replacements. Will go TRD if its not too much dearer. Not a fan of solid bushes either as its more or less a weekend cruiser/mountain climber and not a track warrior. Will be posting photos when its done and a little write up.

But yeah, gave it the first full detail since owning it last weekend before heading down for a couple of car meets, one of which happend to be an all JZX meet. So many ideas...




Also picked up a set of factory wheels, along with a brand new factory spare a while earlier. All the OEM goodness slowly coming together


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hnnnggg ... soo much chasers in one pic ... cant contain

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Still alive, have moved house not once, not twice, but three times in the past 4 months. So yes, things have been hectic but finally settling down. The Chaser, unfortunately hasn't seen a great deal of change, went on daily duties for a while.

First house, driveway problems.



Successfully countered with trusty railway sleepers


Made up straight through mid section which lasted all of a week after the drone gave me and the other half a mild migrain


May still end up back on there depending on how things progress...

New bosses car, just a casual C63


Loaded up to head to house number 2 in a new city


Found Jeffy at the TCCA meet in Melbourne back in August


Finally got a set of diff bushes and promptly put them in, dailying it made me realise how bad they were getting, had to be fixed


Gave the diff a bit of a freshen up at the same time


Took delivery of the new work bus - insane fuel economy


Grabbed some kebabs one night


Bought a set of AE112 side repeaters, only to find they wernt big enough to fit over the shocking hole the compliance workshop put in to fit the older SV20 repeaters...sticking with the ebay spec crystal ones for now :(


FINALLY got clear corner markers, and did a headlight resto at the same time






So all in all, pretty happy with how the front end is looking these days. Need to clean up the grill at some point and figure out some nicer numberplates maybe along the line...oh and some black silicone joiners for the FMIC just to tidy things up

But for now, focus is getting a new fuel pump sorted, as whatever I have now is progressively getting louder and louder which im not really too happy about having the prospect of getting stranded on the side of the road one night.

Oh and re gassing the aircon, discovered it didn't work in the 30deg heat the other day, not alot of fun in peak hour >.< Booked in in a couple of weeks

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Does anyone still stalk these forums anymore?


Few changes...

Edited by VIPZR6

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