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I have a 2011 kxr and what I have noticed is that the trip computer and the fuel gauge are not in sync. Just other day the fuel gauge was near empty but the fuel light was not on and the trip meter said I had 40km left to go. When I filled up the tank only 42l went in. I have had this issue from new and the dealer said that it is a factory setting so you don't run out of fuel. Is this all true and normal.

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Fuel gauges and trip computers are always conservative, usually the fuel light will come one with around 10L left in the tank (obviously varies between models/brands but it is a generalisation) and trip computers are only an estimate anyway (since they vary based off driving habits).

Every car is different, over time you will learn how much leeway you have when the light comes on, and how close to 0km (or how far past it) you can go on the trip meter before you need to fill up.

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When I had my kluger,the fuel light use to come on when the trip was reading in the mid to late 30s,when it was that low it took around 60 litres to fill it.

All the toyotas that I have owned over the years the fuel gauges always read lower than what the actual remaining amount of fuel that is in the tank,which is a good thing,its gives you good safety margin and saves you from being stranded.

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We had power failures in Adelaide a couple of weeks ago due to storms and all the servos on the way home were closed due to no power. I drove 15kms while my trip computer told me I had 0kms to go. It was a bit worrying since I had to drive 10kms through the hills. Anyway I made it, survived the ordeal and have lived to tell my precious story.

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