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Rebuilt 1KD-FTV engine and have put it in, now it won't start.


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i have done the following

  1. checked all of the connections and
  2. fuel pressure.
  3. engine turns over fine
  4. i have ordered a fault finder to plug in to the computer to see the error?
  5. What next?

What dose the computer look at on the start up sequence ?

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How did you check the fuel pressure? The Hilux D4D doesn't have an electric pump it's all mechanical - you need to prime the system using the pump on the fuel filter assembly. If the engine is completely dry including the return lines, even once you prime the system it can take quite a bit of cranking in order to get it to start.

Further check the fault doesn't lie in the immobiliser. When the key is turned to IGN or further the security light (normally blinking when car is off/locked) in the panel to the lower right of the steering wheel should be off completely. If it's on or blinking then that is where you problem lies.

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immobiliser should stop the fuel pump, if the fuel pump is going then it shouldn't be this.

Wow... what part of mechanical pump did you not understand? The pump will work REGARDLESS of the immobiliser , as long as the engine cranks so will the pump! The immobiliser only stops the injectors from firing!

Just stick with looking at the little light for immobiliser issues. Just remember, Light On = immobiliser On! See, it's simple!

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Error code P0093 fuel leak large? The engine still won't start getting frustrated with it.....

Problem might lie with the pressure relief valve on the common rail, but that code is basically thrown whenever the desired fuel pressure fails to be achieved in the common rail.

You might have a stuffed fuel pump. The suction control valve on the pump might also be jammed (bolts into the pump) which will prevent the pump from making the required pressure. As long as all your lines/pipes have been attached correctly then these few things are likely where you problem lies.

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