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Hi I'm new here and Im soon to be buying my first car I have TWO options:

Option 1: 1994 Mazda MX-5 clubman NA8

Option 2: 1984 Toyota Supra (celica supra) MA61

Both priced at $10,000

Just looking for advice and opinions on which I should buy, both are very clean examples and have been tastefully modified any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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That's a very broad question Daneil and the two cars you've mentioned are fairly different in the kind of driving experience they offer.

My questions would be:

1) Are you restricted by any license requirements? (on your P1 or P2?)

2) Is there any specific car you've always loved growing up? (ok not like a Pagani Zonda or anything but something you hoped to buy?)

3) Are you looking to get into the car mods hobby or are you simply after something that's well setup as is and you just maintain it?

4) What exactly would you hope the car to offer? straight line speed? like to go around twisty roads, bends etc?

5) How cluey are you with your cars (not being sarcastic or taking a stab here, legit question)

And any other info you can put up.

It's kinda like asking if you should buy a computer setup for gaming or simply surfing the web (loose example) but hopefully you get what I mean.

There are a number of good buys to be had with a 10k budget.

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