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ST204 vs ZZT


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I'm looking to buy a new car and I am very much considering another Celica, I have had a ST184 in the past and absolutely loved it, both from a looks and a performance point of view.

I've never driven a ZZT but I realise they are considerably more powerful than the 204 on paper. I don't much like the look of them though. I've always loved the look of the 204's, and I have test driven one and found it very enjoyable to drive.

I'd like to hear about the difference in performance from people who have owned or driven both models.

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I own ST204, and have never driven a ZZT,

The ZZT is more powerful though. No doubt about that...

The ST204 looks easier to work on compared with a ZZT as the engine bay is really cramped.

Personally, I like the ST204 styling better and find it more comfortable, but that is subjective and everyone has their own opinion...
Which is better? IMO, Neither. They are both great reliable cars!

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Depends, anyone can drive fast in a straight line ^_^.

Have you ever been to the drags? If not, your statement is invalid.

I have taken part in a few drag strip races and at no point would I ever claim them to be "easy" or "skill less" if you will. I completely respect the element of skill involved on a drag strip. I was more referring to highway pulls or anything of similar stature. E.G. will a stock SS or XR8 beat me in a straight line? no doubt. throw a few conners in there and it becomes debatable. no harm intended.

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ZZT by a huge margin.

I've owned both. ZZT has the nicer interior, looks better, but more importantly also feels significantly more agile, less soft and the engine and gear box are both more enjoyable. Where the 2zz wants to keep pulling the 5sfe feels like a camry engine - nothing sporting about it.

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