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100 series TD fuel comsumption and Diesel Power chip


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Hi everyone,

New to this forum and noticed a lot of adds in your face but anyway.

Cant seem to find where to search for pasted postings so I'll just have to ask again.

Just got a 2002 Land Cruiser Turbo Diesel Intercooled Auto. It has a Diesel Power chip DIGI VP wired in.

Question is what fuel consumption should I get with out the chip?

I'm getting around 16.5ltr/100km and to me that's a little high. Would expect 12 - 13lts.

I have a 1990 80 series (grate old girl) and I get about 14ltr/100km from it. And happy with that.

I live rural and for me to get any where I drive long distances and also I'm a stickler for sitting on the speed limits (100km/hr) so I cant say its a heavy right foot cousing the usaged.

As for the chip I don't know to much about it and quite frankly I'm happy to take it off. Or switch it off. I do tow now and again so could be useful for that when the time comes.

In saying all this I just so happen to be getting the chip pluged in and checked today but any comments would be grate thank you.


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Hi Wags76, I have a DPChip in my 2005 td auto and when towing a 3.5 ton caravan I have been using about 12-13l/100, around town just the car about 10.5 l/100. :clap:

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