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Breaking News: Toyota to end manufacturing by 2017.

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So, this was just announced on the news today. While I'm not very surprised with their decision to end their Australian manufacturing operation, one thing caught my attention;
The company will also reduce the scale of its Australian technical centre, cutting back on design and development departments.
As an industrial design student & a fan of Japanese culture/ language, there goes my dream of working with their design department down under I guess. :(
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That point you outline - i wonder if that means that we could be more likely to receive O/S design/series/releases etc rather than series that have any sort of uniqueness to the aussie market?

While we may or may not get unique for Australia models like the Atara & Sportivo range (Mainly the Camry & Aurion), the Australian team does contribute to the development of other Toyotas, most of which are not sold here (Such as the Hilux-based Fortuner 2011 major facelift.).

I read that the Australian team will be responsible for the next-gen Fortuner SUV (Not sure if this will come to Australia.) and also lead in the chassis tuning for the next-gen Hilux pick up truck, so there will still be some of that Aussie touch (From an article in 2012. Source below.).


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It's certainly a sad day for the Australian motoring industry. Things have gone from bad to worse for sure, and it can't float too well for our future economy. Although with that said, once Ford and GM made the announcements, a part of me was expecting this coming.

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Dare say you're going to find someone working @ Toyota here looking to divulge that info at this stage.

What you can be sure of though - possibly lesser strict rules on importing, hopefully let newer age imports easily complied and might even get rid of the stupid ADR set of standards ...

I think it's a win win for the consumer and that their hard earnt is going to be used on better cars ... (inbe4flames)

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Does anyone know whether Australia should get a better deal on prices for Toyotas when all manufacturing is taken offshore?

If anything, I'd imagine the prices would rise.

But as said, import restrictions should be revised due to the lack of Australian built competition.

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I bet the unions aren't taking any responsibility? No one to blame but the rising cost of labour and that goes straight back to the unions. I'm a mechanic and a Union rep once said to me "Do I have car insurance? Do I have house insurance? So why not be a union member and have job insurance?"

I replied that if I did my job right I wouldn't need "Job Insurance". What a ****head, I've still got my job without union interference.

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