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BRAND NEW Toyota genuine navigation GPS RADIO UNIT PRICE $850 for forum members payment via paypal

2013 GPS unit +2013 maps fits most Toyota cars still 1.5k from Toyota Toyota aurion camry hilux rav4 prado 86 corolla FJ cruiser Kluger yaris Rukus and more ,you will need to buy 2 extra harness from Toyota for $30 for older models like aurion camry corolla ,new models are plug and play

comes with 2013 SD GPS MAPS ,GPS antenna user manual ,cable ties and screws

,you will need to purchase a fascia from Toyota for camry or a aurion for installation if your car doesn't have one

Will post to Australia wide for free with registered post (NO LOCAL PICK UP )

specs are
Single CD AM/FM Tuner BT Hands free / Audio USB Playback iPod Playback Voice Recognition BT Contact Access BT Message Access 6.1 LCD Display GPS Navigation Optional Ext / Mic Rear Camera InputDivX Player via USB Traffic Alerts RDS / Radio Text RDS / Suna Traffic ,Divx Playback
When activated, traffic alerts can be used to display warning information on the map. As an example, possible warnings may include;•Speed camera’s•Red light camera’s•Railway Crossings•School zones, and•High accident zones
The voice operation feature can be used to operate the audio system by voice.Selected features can be controlled byspeaking pre determined phrases. Such features include, changing audio sources,radio station or CD tracks, entering an address (navigation mode) or using Bluetooth hands-free
A Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space based global navigation satellite system. GPS satellites are used to provide reliable positioning, navigation and timing services that are broadcast from space to earth. Vehicle based GPS receivers use the signals to provide a 3D location using longitude, latitude, altitudeand time information
SUNA Traffic updates are provided by RDS-TMC (traffic message channel) an dare broadcast on the FM radio band.Live traffic information can advise of potential road congestion and allow the user to find an alternate route.Information on the cause of the delay and approximate time is displayed for the driver
USB mass storage flash drive is a memory storage device integrated with a USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface.USB flash drives are available in various storage sizes. Media is usually written by a personal computer.
Radio Data Systems (RDS) is a system used to embed digital information into conventional FM radio broadcasts.Transmitted information fields can include, alternate frequencies, program identification, program service and type,text and traffic messages to name a few.Features are subject to station and receiver support
DivX is a brand and codec name used for video compression. There are multiple versions of DixV available. The 2013 model year AVN can support playback of some DivX versions from USB media.
MP3 is a digital audio encoding format which uses data compression to maximise media storage space. It is common audio format which is supported by most consumer audio devices. Greater compression ratio sallow increased space although audio quality is sacrificed
Windows Media Audio (WMA) is an audio data compression technology developed by Microsoft. The name can be used to refer to its audio file format or its audio codecs. The audio format form spart of the Windows Media Player framework. The original WMA codec,known simply as WMA, was conceivedas a competitor to the popular MP3
Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) is digital audio encoding format designed to compress audio files. It is the default audio format for Apple’s iTunes store and consumer products including theiPod and iPhone.
WAV (derived from waveform audio file format WAVE) is a digital audio file format capable of storing compressed,or more commonly, uncompressed audio data in the linear pulse code modulation(LPCM) format. Non compressed WAV files offer higher quality audio however consume higher data storage capacities.
Bluetooth is a short range communication technology which allows wireless personal area network. Itallows some electronic devices (mobile phone & hands-free unit) the ability to send and receive data from one device to another without a physical connection.This data is transmitted using the 2.4GHz radio spectrum up to 10 meter sin radius and can handle simultaneous voice & data transmissions. The specification is developed and licensed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group
The Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP) Profile will allowsome compatible device to stream high-fidelity audio wireless from one device to another via a Bluetooth connection.As an example, media played from some mobile phone can be transferred and amplified through the vehicles audio system. The technology was developed to offer the experience of digital audio without any means of a physical connection.
TThe Bluetooth Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) is designed to provide standard interface and allow remote control operation of certain commands.It is often used in conjunction with either A2DP or VDP. An example could involve allowing remote operation of an Compatible device for transport control(play/pause, track up/down).
The Bluetooth Hands Free Profile (HFP)is designed to support placing and receiving calls from some hands free devices.Examples would include a car kit in a vehicle or a portable Bluetooth headset used to make and receive calls
You can use the voice operation system (voice input microphone and switch) to say voice operation commands and operate the audio system,etc. You can also use functions that were not available while driving.If you do not say the voice operation command correctly, the voice operation system may not recognise it.For correct recognition, keep the following points in mind.•Before speaking, always quickly press the VOICE RECOGNITION BUTTON.•After you hear a beep, start speaking. If you speak before or during the beep, the command will not be correctly recognised.•Speak loudly and clearly.•Different tones of voice may make recognition difficult.•External noise (wind noise etc.) may lower recognition. Try to keep the windows closed when speaking. Loud noise from air conditioner fans may also lower recognition
AVN System:
Single CD which is CD-R, MP3, WMA& AAC compatibleVoiceRecognitionSupportUSB Socket for USB& iPod mode operation(MP3, WMA , AAC &DivX support)Default internal microphone for Bluetooth Hands Free and Voice Recognition 6.1”Colour Touch DisplayBluetoothHands Freeand A2DPsupportReverse CameraInputSMS & Email support via compatible MobilephoneGPS Navigation with 3D mapping,Suna traffic,road warnings &4WD tracks Split screen capability for Audio & Navigation







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