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HJ45 cold start problems


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Hey guys,

After a little bit of lurking I've decided to introduce myself and submit my first post! (yay)

I'm having some cold start issues with my 1975 HJ45 Land Cruiser (3.6L Diesel). Basically, when the engine is cold she will turn over without a problem but will not start. The Glow Plugs have been replaced but this has not seemed to solve anything when it's cold. I can tinker around with the fuel lever for 10 minutes or so distributing more fuel/ cutting it off etc and then she all of a sudden seems to start. There's plenty of fuel getting into the engine though to begin with so I don't really know why this would all of a sudden make a difference.

I'm suspecting now that it may be an electrical problem, possible a relay? Otherwise it would have to be something with the fuel. I don't know when the injectors were last cleaned/ replaced but once I have her started and warm she doesn't misfire, power seems good (well good as it gets for a h motor) and starts first time every time until cold again.

I guess i'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with this or if there is anything i'm not picking up on here?

Cheers guys…. Ryan

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I note that you have not had a reply to your post.......I'm no expert but I'll have a go! I have an HJ47 (2H engine) and have the same problem as you. I have had the injectors serviced but to no avail. I have put up with the difficult starting for a couple of years but it is much worse in cold weather and already is just about running the battery flat whilst trying to start it. I did a compression test using a home made setup - a modified glow plug stem with a valve in it + a gauge fitted to the end of it. Readings were well down so I concluded that that was the problem. The engine blew lots of smoke when it did finally fire up as well! So, I am now in the process of fitting a recon engine.

I would suggest you do a comp test to eliminate engine wear problems.



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Hey Bill,

Ha ha I thought my car had contracted some sort of rare debilitating disease given the lack of response on this one but no it just so happened to be an electrical relay gone south. All sorted now thankfully.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Sorry to hear about your engine troubles. They are an awesome truck to drive when they're up & running. Sometimes that's half the battle though.

Staying with the 2H motor?


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