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zze123 parts/modifications etc

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Hi guys, fairly new to this site as I recently brought a completely stock 2005 corolla sportivo. Been looking for parts like eyelids, front/rear lip, strut bar, aftermarket fog lights (yellow) , aftermarket headlights ( black housing ) and any other exciting parts, modifications. If anyone knows where I could get these from, please let me know. Also interested in getting lowered springs preferably low king springs, does anyone have photos of how it would look like on a sportivo?

Thanks, Henry

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Welcome Henrezy!

Just to answer some of your questions:

Front/rear lip - Most people just chuck on an EZ Lip for the front you get off eBay for about $30. Not much else going around. For the rear you can also try find the factory-option rear lip.

Eyelids - eBay is your best bet. Others just simply plastidip the shape of the eyelids (only works if your car is black)

Black housing headlights - this is a DIY job. You have to open up the headlights and paint the housing yourself. I'm sure tehre's a guide on here somewhere ^^

Low springs will still give you a bit of wheel gap. To have the car completely level you'll need Low king springs (front) and super low king springs (rear).
Orr....find a bargain with 2nd hand coilovers (Y).

This is similar to the drop you can get with super lows I guess

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I have some pedders springs for sale if you're interested

Do you have any pictures of your car on these springs and the springs themselves?

Also how much?

Thanks, henrezy

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I got no idea how to post a picture on here lol. Shoot me an email to: ngauci89@gmail.com. taking them out today so can send you a pick of both. Will come with stock shocks as well

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