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Flat battery


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2007 Aurion, still with the original battery.

The car has been garaged for 2 weeks whilst I was away.

Today it's battery is flat, giving a clack-clack-clack sound at ignition on.

Before doing anything else, using a dvm the battery reads 10.95 at the posts.

I've checked the cells and 4/6 have low water levels. That's been corrected with a distilled water top-up of each cell.

It's now on a float charge with cell caps off and the battery posts remain connected. I intend to continue the charge overnight then take it for a drive tomorrow.

Anything further to add from anyone?

If this battery is toast, and it's old enough to be, I'm happy enough to stick with the cheaper lead acid. Any suggestions? Car is in eastern 'burbs of Melbourne, close to Ringwood.


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The Century Heavy Duty is a pretty good battery. Had one die in similar situation. 07 model died in 5 years. Used the car nearly every day and no issues starting. Then travelled for a week or two and returned to a dead battery. I never performed any maintenance on it though so I got what was coming though on second thought, I could have revived it. I didn't have a charger and just went out and got a new one. Only $165 from Super Cheap with a 24 month warranty.

The OEM Century Heavy Duty (black) was rated at 430CCA whereas the newer retail Century Heavy Duty has 540CCA. Not a required improvement, but must mean an improvement nevertheless. If your battery eventually kicks the bucket for good, I'd definitely recommend sticking with the original type.

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Thankyou. Just the info I was after.

I have managed to start the car as the float charge overnight has the battery at 13.35v now. I will ensure I have jumper cables for "just in case" and your suggestion is probably what will eventually replace this curent battery. This one is into its 7th year without much care, so that's a reasonablw trial!


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