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1990 FJ75 Troopie - little jumps in petrol - carb?

FJ75 Apparati

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Hey All,

I have a 1990 Landcruiser gas/petrol, that seems to do little jumps when driving. When accelerating it's okay but say, driving steady along the highway it does little jumps and some are only 15-60 seconds apart.

So I suspected my carby was faulty and took it to the mechanic, and yes carby and timing were looked at for $170. So i'm driving along from eeh mechanics, seemed great, but it gradually got to the same condition again. If I use LiquidMolys 'Carb and Valve Cleaner' by adding to the petrol it works but only for that 60L petrol round in the tank. I am missing something...

Im hoping to change the belts in the next few weeks so any advice so I can look at a few things would be appreciated.

Also, gas is fantastic when running, but can take a while to start/turn over - unsure if these two things are related.

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I found this online: I have a fj75 series 4.5 litre petrol toyota landcruiser, it's a beautifull engine and normally runs well but lately it has started to play up. It feels like it has a flat spot in it, when you touch the acelerator you have to push through the flat spot to get it to go and if your cruising at 100 klm you have to keep moving the position of the acelerator otherwise it will slow down and keep slowing down until you hit the acelerator. it is gradually getting worse, I have chaged the fuel filter, air filter, the spark plug leads, thermostat, spark plugs, the air intake line between the air filter and the engine, I have drained the fuel tank and pulled the fuel pump out and checked the strainer, you name it and i've done it but still no joy. I don't know if it could be the injectors or maybe the air flow meter, I am lost and need some advice if anyone has worked on these motors any information would be greatly appreciated. The motor has 163,492 klms on the speedo.

ANSWER: This fault is due to a failed air flow meter, this is a common fault and causes these exact symptoms. You will need to have the air flow meter replaced. These are available from www.injectronics.com.au

Well it looks like I answered my own question - but glad I could let you all know! Damn it i just ordered fuel and oil filters too ;)

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