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Cup holders


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Hey guys, I love my car but there's one thing about it that drives me nuts; the cup holders


They are on the left of the gear shift. When you push down on it, there's a plastic piece in the middle to separate and hold the cups in. Unfortunately the cover doesn't open full way so its impossible to put a drink their up straight! Has anyone found solution to this problem?

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Yep as Nathan said, definitely not working correctly Kay. Pull apart and check for any obstructions, the gear cogs themselves are only plastic but I'd doubt any teeth have sheared off or anything serious.

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I don't have a vid, but once you press down on the lid, it should release the lid and rotate open by itself till it's straight up and down and tucks into the center console. If the lid doesn't fully retract it will definitely obscure the cup holders.

Does yours open by itself or are you manually lifting the lid? If it's only going halfway or something, maybe the spring which pulls the lid open (at varying speeds on different cars) is broken or stretched.

But if you can't manually pull it fully open then something must be jammed.

Hope that can help in the absence of a video.

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When I open mine up, it opens up half way so I'm guessing there's something jamming it. Thanks a lot guys I'll take a closer look tomorrow

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I had the same problem.

I then noticed that a small object had somehow fallen into the space where the lid retracts, and prevented it fully opening.

It was quite difficult to remove it.

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Mate this happens all the time, my daughter shoves **** in there on a weekly basis. If you wanna pul it all apart this is what I do.

Find a flat spot on the driveway etc. foot brake in.

Shift look button in. Shift down to lowest point.

Open both parts of the arm rest console . Leave it facing straight up.

Just where the centre console meet up with the open armrest are pull up. Should pop up pretty freely.

Now there will be two plug u need to undo at the base. 1 for 12volt one for.....I forget lol

Also be two another two to undo at the head of the console . Cig lighter and auto blind if applicable.

When out should look like this.


Turn over and unscrew the four screws at base of cup holder unit.

Then just a matter of popping the springs off of each side to release lid.

Get that **** out then re assemble.

I'd have more pic but I'm not on the computer

Hope it helps

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Thanks for the details Bang. I'll give it a go over the weekend and let ya know how I go. ATM my car is packed full with boxes cause we just moved last weekend so after they're gone I'll give it a go

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Better than foam is the stuff you can buy on the roll at Bunnings. Non slip stuff you can also use all over the house to stop things moving. It's a rubber type open weave thing. If you cut a piece to fit the whole cup holder - remove the centre. After you've put it in, when you replace the centre that will also be stable. It's only thin stuff. Nothing moves when it is sitting on this stuff.

You don't have to line the whole space. Just the bottom.

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Anyone know where i can buy the cup holder insert? Just purchased an 08 model but the cup holder recess has no divider or anything? I can only find 'camry' cup holder dividers but not sure if they're exactly the same or not

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Hi Doctor..My understanding is they are the same insert..could be wrong but suggest you check with your toyota dealer to be sure..


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