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100 series petrol V8 4.7L water pump

Mike Palmer

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Hi all,

I took my 4wd to the local garage as there was a whining noise coming from the engine bay. if you revved the engine the whining noise went up. They had it for a day and stated that the noise was coming from behind the timing belt cover and that if they were removing it to find the noise they may as well change the belt. That part I agree with! Whilst in there they then said that the water pump housing was leaking and that if it doesn't get changed it would be catastrophic to the engine as water could get into the engine oil and basically ruin it. That part I am struggling with!! Anyway they replaced all that and guess what the whining noise is still there, and the garage is now saying it is coming from the air con!! To be honest I am furious!! The timing belt wasn't due for a change for another 30K. My question is...........

If the water pump had failed. Can water get from the pump housing into the engine and ruin it. Or would the engine temperature just go high. The garage are trying to justify removing/replacing the timing belt/water pump even when the original whine from the engine is still there.

Thanks for any responses.


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The answer is NO. If the water pump had failed it would not leak water into the engine oil, the water pump is not linked anywhere into the oil gallery of the engine. Typically if the water pump fails and needs to be removed, some/most timing belt cars would require the removal of the timing belt to gain access to the water pump. At that point in time it would be recommended to replace the belt, therefore not having to repeat the job in a few months, kilometres later. On a job like that I would install a new timing belt kit, which would include belt, pulleys, seals, water pump and tensioner. This can be a bit of an overkill at 100,000km but at least it's piece of mind.

Sounds to me they have misdiagnosed the issue and don't want to hand back money. If the water pump had failed it would do one of a few things. It would become noisy i.e. whine or a rumbling type noise, it would leak i.e. front seal or inspection/bleed hole in the housing, or engine temperature would climb because the impeller wasn't pumping water around the engine. The impeller issue is quite common on Audi & VW, not late model Toyota. The noise you were complaining about could have been an alternator bearing, power steering pump, air con compressor or even the idler/tensioner pulleys for the timing belt. If it was me (and this is why I do not take my car to mechanics even under warranty- being one I know how many dodgy guys there are out there-NOT ME), I would demand a refund and if they do not refund the costs contact your Department of Fair Trade. If they are a Franchise i.e. Ultra Tune, Auto Masters, Midas, KTAS, etc, contact the head office and complain, they'll do virtually anything to rectify or refund. Then I would take the car elsewhere and have it repaired properly, because the original place will keep ripping you off. Good luck

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