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How to remove bird poop from car?

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Hi all

I recenltly had a bird poo hit the side of my and went over the paint work on the door. I forgot to clean it straight away so it sat there for 3days roughly baking on. I washed my car over with wax and shammied it after. The poop is gone but has left a clear outline around where it was and I cant get rid of it. Ive tired hot water, hot water with dish washing liquid and vingear cause someone suggested it online and it still hasnt got rid of it.

If anyone has any suggestions it would much appreicated as I love my car lol



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either that or the bird poo has already eaten some of the clear/paint

ideally you shouldnt use dishwashing liquid for soap, dont know who told you that, but some dishwashing liquid has some sand particles in it that may scratch the paint

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Colour sand with 3000 UNI-grit sand paper, then rotary buff with a good compound. Only do this if you are confident and have had previous experience with car detailing... if not, seek for a professional car detailer who can do this for you. But this is the only way to remove a serious paint defect PROPERLY.

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If it's only stubborn residue on the surface of the clear coat then a clay bar should clear it off, if it's eaten into the clear coat you can get some cut polish and lightly rub the area hopefully taking fine layers of clear coat until it's gone, this can be done by hand (had to do it when I de-badged my car due to the color differnce of the paint exposed to sunlight).

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