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I got a 2013 Landcruiser diesel GXL diesel new last year and noticed that it had a whining noise when under towing load at two speeds, namely 78 and 98 KPH. The load was a caravan about 1750 Kg and when under load - as maintaining speed going up a rise. Sounded much like a diff whine. After numerous visits to Toyota (with the caravan on tow), I got the answer from Landcruiser's "experts" that this was a natural resonance caused by the transfer box (which in this model is chain driven as opposed to gear driven in earlier models).

i Am wondering if I am being fed a load of hogwash and am curious if anybody has noticed a similar noise? It would seem to me unusual for a new vehicle to have such a noise.

Attached is a copy of the response from Toyota (I have removed the addressee details for privacy reasons).

Thanks, Bob post-32522-0-99450600-1400649849_thumb.j

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