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2003 Corolla Ascent - evolution


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Hi Guys,

Here is my 2003 Corolla ascent i've had since new - which i've dubbed "Fauxtivo".

Come close to selling it on a few occasions but with buying a house/wife new car and family combined the distance I drive, ive decided to keep it for the foreseeable future. Now that i'm keeping it I was luckily able to get my hands on a cheap oem sportivo kit.

Here is the stages this car has gone through... love this little car. It has served me so well and has never given me a days trouble!

Day Bought


New Exhaust


Wheels/Lowered and Altezza style lights (18yr old :wacko: !)


Bit more sublte...


Sportivo Kit and wheels


Found a friend!


Cheers - I know its not a real sportivo, but while crawling in bumper to bumper traffic it goes just as fast! (suits me just fine)


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keep it up! the 1zz i highly underrated.. used to race a mate of mine in the adelaide hills. he had a lowered sportivo. mine an ascent with

17x7 sportmaxx tyres and lowered. he couldnt keep up with me. and in a straight line drag there wasnt really that much in it..

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