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First Time Kluger Buyer!


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Hi Everyone! I'm new to the site and coming into the Kluger world and had a few questions.

My husband and I are looking at purchasing a Kluger sometime within the next three months are we are getting a little lost as to what year to pick. We where drawn to this car because it has some awesome safety features and is the perfect height for a car seat as we are expecting in January. We've both driven a 2009 KX-S and loved it, felt like second nature to the both of us.

We've got a budget of $35,000 and don't know what would be the best year and K's to go with. Would it be worth paying a little extra and getting an AWD model? Has anyone had problems with their car or had any problems with the spare being stolen? All help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Leesh,

certainly a great choice of car I don't have any complaints after owning one for 18 months! I think you have done the hard part knowing what your budget is ($35K). If it was me, I would try to get a MY11 or newer if you can (it has the upgraded front lights and spit third row seat).I think they were built from late 2010 to the replacement to a new model in 2014. It should hold its value better and have minor upgrades from the first run of that shape.

In terms of the AWD, I find it great on the dirt road I travel along every day, particularly when the weather gets bad, But it comes down to what you will use the car for, if it is basically for city driving is it worth buying an AWD because the long term servicing costs will be greater, the car is also heavier so is likely to use more fuel. If you get a 2WD over the AWD you might be able to go the next model grade up on the money you save?

I hope my comments help, but I expect 35K should come close to buying a kluger of that age.

I have had not trouble with the spare wheel, but have put a bike lock / chain on it as an added precaution.


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Thank you for the reply Ian!

We purchased a silver KX-S today and absolutely love it! I average a decent 9L driving through town. Super smooth and love it! What would you recommend the tyre pressure to be?

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I haven't checked my pressures for a while because the dealer does it. But I know there is a post somewhere on this forum that has the recommended pressure, and this is what I did originally. From memory it is something like 40 to 45 psi, but check the post.

Good to hear your 'took the plunge', to date I haven't had one fault with my kluger. What year/ colour did you end up getting? 2WD or AWD? And did you buy it within your 35K budget?

I hope all goes well


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