Tyre fitment 2008 aurion zr6

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Hi all,

just a few questions on fitting tyres on my 2008 aurion zr6


235/35 on 19x9.5 et +42

running altenzo tyres

wheels sit flush to guards

Now I am looking at better performing tyres than the altenzos which were $196ea

Looking at spending $300-$400

However with the tyre size 235/35 there is no other tyre with a load rating of 93+ that I could find, vendors or internet

my dilemma is going upto 245/35r19 (plenty of 93+ load rating tyres)

with my current setup:

Rears: (fronts plenty of clearance)





Will I have any issues going from 235/35 --> 245/35?????

Also looking to lower till the frame rails are 100mm from the ground

Thanks for any advice/suggestions


ps. looking at doing some test fitments at a local shop, just would like some/an idea's before booking it in

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Bags. Airbags.

also, i dont see why you would have a problem. Getting 245 will get rid off some of that stretch.

Unless you're worried about rubbing ? Are your guards rolled ?

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wish I had the $$$

only can dream

with 245/35 would the coils->tyre clearance be more than enough?

guards not rolled,currently no tyre->guard rubbing, dampeners are on setting 8 or 9 from hard

earlier the frame rails were 85mm(raised it 10mm, now want to re-lower 3-5mm) from the ground and didnt rub even with 5x65kg+ people in the car


245/35, not much bigger than 235/35 it seems

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Even 8.5" wide 235 is too skinny. for 9.5" i'd go 265/275.

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Wish i could but wheels are flush to the guards, I think anything above 245 would start rubbing :(

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