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80K Service- fuel filter


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Hi Guys,

My 2008 KX-S requires it's 80k service and was gobsmacked by the price (~$1150 toyota / ~$850 Ultratune), the bulk of which I think is the cost of replacing the in tank fuel filter which is time intensive. Was considering not doing this part of the service. Do I really need to do this or is it another case of profiteering for the industry. Anyone had any fuel filter issues?

Cheers, b

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Why did they design it that way? (worse spot possible)...............are any other cars done this way?.

Not looking forward to when i have to have it done :(

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I can only imagine this was designed like this purely to extract service dollars from the sucker consumer. They even stuck the oil filter in a **** of a place only removable via a special tool and in multiple piece assembly instead of an easy all in one metal cannister. FFS...assholes

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