power difference in Hilux models

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Hi Gang,

I have a 1996 manual diesel Hilux, duel cab. I used to own a 1990 4runner (diesel, manual also) previously and find there is a dramatic power difference. Both have the same old 2.8L diesel non turbo engine. The Hilux is in top condition with 296,000kms and the 4Runner had nearly 450,000kms.

the power difference between the two is quite dramatic! the older 4Runner with plenty more kms had a lot more power, particularly on hills. Other friends who have Hilux's with same engine but different years have the same sort of power as my old 4Runner. Does anyone have an idea as to why that may be????

I'm thinking it must be either a different gear or diff ratio in some models. The Hilux has one of their 4WD to 2WD gear sticks with the push button to change from 2 to 4. I'm not keen on it but an stuck with it. Not sure if that indicates a different gear box???

anyone anyone......?? Cheers

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How are you measuring "power"? this is all-important. If one has lower overall gearing, it will pull heavier loads better uphill, BUT will be at MORE RPM for the SAME kph. That is not more power, it's merely lower gearing. Yes, it's likely that the diff ratios are different, I'm sure you can look it up online or ring a dealer/spares department for information. If memory serves, there was a small change in performance over the years on that motor, but it was not great.

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