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We just bought a new Toyota Corolla 2014 Sports in Palmerston NT and had rear park sensors by the Toyota dealership ...Pick up the car today but the sensors are so soft and quiet we have to concentrate very hard to hear them. Has anyone else had this problem can the volume be turned up.. We rang the dealership straight back and they suggested that perhaps something wrong with our hearing, which did not go down well. But they have agreed to have a look into the problem but no one is going to be available to do so for a few days yet.

On our previous car we had reverse sensors installed after market by a local business in Darwin and they were excellent very clear and fully served there purpose.

But the toyota dealership installed sensors are totally inadequate. I do hope they have adjustable volume.

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Have a look where they installed it and if you can see a black box with all the wires connected , there a a screw that you can adjust the volume to make it louder.

Or take it back to Toyota and get them to adjust it for you

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