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Toyota Hilux pride


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Hey all, I am the proud owner of a relatively new 2008 Toyota Hilux. I have had it for around 3 months been on one 2500km trip and loved every minute of it!

Modifications so far:

1. Alloy bullbar came with the car I was going to upgrade to a steel bullbar but after some research I am more impressed with the design intent of aluminium vs steel

2. Injection moulded HDPE box fits perfectly in the tub and leaves a good gap for 3 jerrys.

3. BF All Terrains.

4. IPF 800 drivings lights.

I fitted the lights today with the supplied wiring loom from IPF and they work a treat but the warning light for an electrical fault has come on since I have wired them. I checked all my wiring and made sure everything was done the way described in the instruction leaflet. I am a minor motor mechanic I have some experience in wiring but not a great deal. I am out of ideas as to what to check.


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what is the fault light ? - can you post a pic of it - its unlikely to be related unless you have done something really wrong! - which it sounds like you have not

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The fault light was the electrical wiring fault light. I had wired the lights positively switched, Toyota's for some reason are negatively switched.

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