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Would the interior of a Aurion 2007 fit into a Camry 2007-2009


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I will start a introduction page and introduce myself but i just need to ask this question asap as i searched but couldn't find anything.

Would the interior of a Aurion (even TRD version) fit into a Camry 2007-2009 ?

Like the front seats, rear seats & door trims ?

Has anyone done this ? any problems installing it all ?

Thanks in advance

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Hey Tony. I used to work at Toyota and the 2008 models + the current models of camry and aurions, both use the same body. the only difference is the front and rear treatments (grills, bumpers lights etc).
As for the interior, i think the aurion door trims should fit the camry door trims, though i can't exactly remember. I know the current Aurion's door trims will fit into the current model Camrys though.
Front seats and rear seats should be no problem.

Don't take my word on this though, It's been a few years since i've worked on a 2007-2009 camry.

EDIT: The dashboard trims are different from the aurion and the camry just an fyi!

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Hmmmm, because i was told by someone today that the rear seats wont fit because of a rod or something like that, abit confusing as i found a nice set of TRD leather interior but dont want to spend the $$$$ if something wont fit, no point in having half interior in.

Yeah i noticed the dash board trim are different going to the door trim but im sure it wont bother me that much if i can get the leather in :)

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Hmm i don't exactly remember to be honest. Better be safe than sorry and not install the seats :\

haha i worked on dashboard and the doors on the current model before i left Toyota, and the doors are exactly the same. The only difference is the trims (which are just mainly clipped on) and the wiring for the locks and power windows since some cars don't come with smart locks and etc

When it comes to your model, my memory is abit fuzzy so i can't exactly remember

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