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Parker Lights and Headlights for ZRE182R

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Hey all, I own a Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport ZRE182R (2012 - 2013) and I'm wanting to change the parkers for it. Ive read the manual but diagrams dont match what I see in the engine bay.

I also want to get new Headlights for it too but im not sure on size or model bulb to get for it.

Any tips or tricks on how to replace these parkers would be awesome.

If anyone can help with this it would be muchly appreciated.

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55W HID H4-3 Is the one I bought off ebay, That one works.


Got it from here.

Ray, did you get the 10,000k HIDs? Any idea if the 10,000k are legal etc? Keen to put some in but just want to check first etc. Edited by adrenalinmotorsports
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Hey, I got the 10ks aswell. Looks awesome. But illegal. Not noticeable unless in high beams.

And as for the hid for foggies. I'm still looking into it. Will post it up as soon as I find the right one that fits

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Hi Ray,

I just open the up the hood and have a look, the light bulb is a HIR2, so is the link you provided (H4-3) suit HIR2 headlight?, I don't have much knowledge of car, so i just want to make sure I m doing the right thing...Thanks

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i think it should fit

according to this


however it specifies h4 bulb usage and the holders seem to be simillar to HIR2 bulb


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Hi wokstar - ive just bought some t10s for the parkers and have found the same issue. Difficult to see where to access the parker bulbs from. Any chsnce you could please shed some light (no pun intended) on how you did it? Thnx mate :)

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On 12/26/2014 at 10:14 PM, adrenalinmotorsports said:

Actually it's all good I found them. For future reference, they are accessible from the front side of the radiator on the internal side of the headlight housing. See attached pic.


Legend. Thanks for sharing. What bulb did you end up putting in?

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