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Meet and Cruise Sydney

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SORRY guys late notice i know

i have a mate in Sydney from the army and he ownes an awesome done up car covered in airbrushing the lot and he wanted me to try organise a meet and cruise



woodville RD

cant miss it Maccaz, bunnings, autobarn +more all in the same complex

its just up the rd from the detention centre on woodville rd if anyone is familiar with it

MEETING TIME 7PM we wont leave any earlier than 8PM cus somepeople cant arrive till later in the night so we can decide on the night when we all arrive where we all feel like going so we can just make it a meet till then

hope to see you all there


PS this is for ALL cars so no excuses LOL


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sounds good man there is SUPPOSED to be some really nice cars there tonight so it should be good as long as everyone turns up

i got BILL(xoom) he said he will make it

not sure about sunny yet

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ill be there by 7:30 at the latest

i cant really be any later LOL as im organising the thing

that wouldnt be very ncie of me would it


HAHHAHAHAaaa man he will never live that one down will he Justin!!!!!! :lol: He would probably reply to that comment but he is too busy playing Counter Strike man GREY is such a TYPICAL!!!LOL

If i can make it Justin i'll be there by about 8-8:30pm man its hard to get people organised these days!!! :lol: Back in my days if u were goin for a cruise it was easy......If u coming get in ur car and go!!!!! :lol: Nowadays with my mates there are too many pollitics invloved "Idun wanna go there, i dun wanna eat at that place, i dun like the dic k he ad s that hang out there!!!" BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!

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at least your friends used to be into cruises... all my mates arent into driving enough to come on cruises...

i was just about to reply and say i was coming tonight, and then i checked my phone and im expected to be at some christmas thing... dammit...

so whens the next cruise? maybe i can make that one...

:angry: stupid friends that dont like driving or cars... they call themselves males!!

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