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New to the forum :) need some ideas

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Hi guys just want to introduce me and my sportivo.

Got it stock as a rock about a year ago from a dealer with 182xxx on the clock and currently sitting on 207xxx and still strong!

Current mods:

3" ces Cai

Camcon piggy back ecu

Mwr short shifter

Mwr pushrod

Excedy hd clutch

Ported and polished throttle body and intake manifold

Ported headers

Hi flow cat

Custom 2.5" cat back with 2 hot dog resonators into Remus muffler

Fortune auto 500series coilovers with 12/10kg spring rates

Cusco front strut braces

Car bra

Trd grill

6kg rota subzero wheels

"Jdm" rear tail light mod

Future mods:

Braided clutch and brake lines

Slotted brakes

Mwr shifter bearings

DIY head light mod

Unsure of what of what next to do so some ideas wouldn't go astray :)

Love the forum and all the helpful DIY tips










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you pretty much got everything lol,

poly bushes ? rear sway bar (rear torsion beam) ?

you take it to track im assuming due to the 12/10 fa ?

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Yeah planning on rear sway bar soon just waiting for a ultra racing one to pop up as I prefer the look lol

I actually got the coilovers 2nd hand with these spring rates but am planning on taking it to the track once I get a few other things done handling wise

Did the horn relocation and DIY headlight mod the other day but in colour coded red


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Wow that's looks pretty good for the price!

Camcon is very limited in tuning but found it the best bang of buck. Can't go wrong for $200 2nd hand. Haven't dynod it to see the results it actually makes but it is defiantly noticeable just from changing the vvti.

Just waiting to install an a/f gauge so I can play around with those settings as I don't want to touch it without a gauge.

Still planning to get a apexi PFC but just waiting for the wife/wallet to say yes lol

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I like the hella horn look, they are pretty easy to hook up yourself?

Just wondering your coilovers how do you find them for daily driving? Also I looked on fortunes web site but couldn't work out which one would fit a zze123

Your car is basically where I want my car as a first stage and then once I sell my weekender I'll probably go with that ECU I posted and build the engine. Should be sweet but pricey haha

PS Your car looks nice man

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Yeah man, real easy just ground and a male connector to fit into the original plug.

It's actually a weekender lol but yeah really good, love em. Had them set too max stiffness but with Sydney roads had to soften them up a bit. I can't remember off hand but painting my wheels on the weekend so I'll try and see if I can find a part no. For you. I recommend them!

Yeah bit pricey but can tune everything with them. I'd love to continue building it but gotta see how things work out with the wallet lol. Would love to do a bit of engine work + a decent ecu or Pfc with a tune.

Thanks :)

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That would be awesome cheers man

Yeh I was considering the KYB and kings combo because its a daily but if you reckon its soft enough Ill go the Fortunes because it will work out cheaper for me in the long run

Are your rotas 16s or 17s? Im either going rotas or splurge on some rfp1s haha

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Not doing it till next sat because of the weather but I'll def get you it!

Not worth going springs IMO, had pedders before these, don't get me wrong they were good but nothing compares to coilovers (Y)

Adjustable height, damper and camber plus these spring rates :)

They're 16x7 +35 all round. Would love 16x8 +25 though lol can't complain about them, good fitment plus weigh 6kgs ea ;) great saving in weight there

Oooooo go rpf1's cost a mint but damn they look good! Would love them or BBS LM's 😍😍😍

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