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Hello new friends :)


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Hey there guys. Just saying hello to everyone. Ive recently bought myself a TRD 3500S build #316.

My uncle asked me back in 2005 to get on the internet and show him the Aurion. He liked it and I loved it. He was to impatient to wait for it so he bought a sportivo camry... 6 years later I bought a Sportivo SX6 2009 model(ex police) second hand and still have it. Love it. No mechanical issues yet and has a solid 170k on the clock.

The problem I have is im still a lead foot and thought rather then try and modify the sportivo I'd just man up, get a loan and find me a TRD.

Well thats my story. Im a regular cruiser on the Gold Coast, Queensland. If any one wants a mountain run track me down. :)

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