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I know this has been posted/answered a few times here but a lot of the links dont seem to work anymore. I'm looking for a SRI for my 2007 aurion and was just wondering the best place to pick one up from?

Also, getting my exhaust done in the next week and was hoping I can get some advice before then. I am just unsure what the results are like when changing the center resonator/removing it? How much drone do people have from changing it to a hotdog style or removing it? What mufflers and size would people suggest? I love the size and look of the varex oval ones with how low they sit but my car is pretty damn low already and they would get destroyed in my driveway. What set ups do others have already and how have they found them to be once they have settled in?

Finally, really love the look of the aftermarket grill that some people on here are running, the black one with the chrome surrounds. How much did people pay for them and where is the best place to purchase?

Thanks for the help and advice guys!

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-eGay seems to be good for intakes. Just check the user with heaps of feedbacks

- exhaust, do some searching, there should be heaps of info,

-and same for the grille, check the aurion FAQ

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